Feb 16, 2010

Surfware releases SURFCAM V5

CAMARILLO, Calif - Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM software, today announced the release of SURFCAM V5. Powerful new features continue to be added to SURFCAM in the multi-Axis, 2 & 3 axis and lathe products. All the new capabilities and enhancements in SURFCAM V5 fulfill wide-ranging customer requirements. SURFCAM V5 will be available immediately to all SURFCAM Sales partners and customers worldwide.

"This release of SURFCAM V5 proves to be a significant release of SURFCAM for NC programmers who require world class precision and control from their CAM system," says Greg Schils, Product Manager of the SURFCAM product suite. "This release continues to build on and extend all the new features and enhancements implemented in SURFCAM V4, with the emphases on 'ease of use' to provide maximum gains in multi-axis programming and machining productivity."

Some of the new features in SURFCAM V5 for 4 and 5 axis programming are:

* Roughing Multi-Pass routines
* Plunge Roughing
* Morph pocketing toolpaths
* New depth cut strategies
* Automatic surface extensions

In addition to all the new multi-axis enhancements are:

* New 3-axis Z-Finish routine
* Multiple Tool Rest-Roughing toolpaths
* Viewable C-view planes for enhanced visualization
* Selectable operations in the Operations Manager for posting
* Set Axis/C-view gnome representation
* Updated lathe package
* TrueMill Calculator
* SURFCAM Backup Utility

Enhancements have also been implemented into the patented TrueMill® toolpath including an updated slicer for better quality toolpaths, faster toolpath calculation time, intelligent pocket ordering that dramatically reduces overall rapid moves, the ability to turn off the "open pocket" cutting for 3-axis cuts, "depth first" cutting to allow for more efficient tool motion, and pilot hole support for TrueMill operations.

"Surfware is pleased to offer this new release of SURFCAM V5 and will continue to provide CAM solutions with the excellence our customers have become accustomed to receiving from us," says Peter Marton, General Manager of Surfware. "For many years, Surfware has been known for innovation, quality and ease of use. We’re certain that customers, new and old, will achieve productivity gains and cost reductions using this world class CAD/CAM software. We’re offering extreme value and are one of the most attractively priced CAD/CAM packages on the market.”