Feb 23, 2010

Spatial’s CAD Translation Components Help Drive 3D-Tool Sales Growth

BROOMFIELD, Colo - Spatial Corp today announced that 3D-Tool, a provider of 3D visualization and collaboration tools, has recently released 3D-Tool Premium Version 9 which includes native CAD import and export capabilities. The product incorporates Spatial’s 3D InterOp components to provide high-quality CAD translation for model visualization, analysis and collaboration. 3D-Tool, headquartered in Germany, selected 3D InterOp due to its ease of integration, full suite of native CAD translators, and Spatial’s local sales and support team. The company has seen a rapid rise in product sales since the introduction of the latest release in November 2009.

“We evaluated several different options for our native CAD translation needs. Spatial components impressed us with the quality of the translations. Perhaps equally important was Spatial sales and support team’s responsiveness to our inquiries,” commented Mr. Ingo Wulf, 3D-Tool Founder and CEO. “We selected 3D InterOp, implemented the components and released the product all within four months. We had pent up customer demand for the product, so time-to-market was critical and we could not have delivered so quickly without Spatial’s support.”

The 3D-Tool product line addresses the need to visualize, accurately measure, collaborate, and share 3D models among all product development stakeholders. The tools eliminate the need for users to have access to and expertise in a particular CAD system to perform functions such as model rotation; distance measurements; volume and surface area calculations; cross-section analysis; exploded views; hide and show parts; and basic animations. Customers choose 3D-Tool for the product’s ease-of-use and clear value proposition.

“Offering high-quality and easily-integrated CAD translation components are only part of our value proposition. Since Spatial has over two decades of experience providing software components to hundreds of companies, we understand our customers’ development needs and provide the necessary services and support to ensure they meet their development goals,” stated Ray Bagley, Spatial Director of Product Planning and Management. “3D-Tool is a great example of a customer that recognized all the advantages of partnering with Spatial.”