Feb 4, 2010

PTC Signs Wave of New Partners to Provide CoCreate Solutions across 13 Countries

PTC Expands Global CoCreate Partner Network to Service Expanding Customer Base.

NEEDHAM, MA - PTC , the Product Development Company®, today announced that it signed 10 new partners during the second half of 2009 in order to meet increased demand for the CoCreate® product family around the globe and further expand its channel network. PTC provides these new partners the right to offer the CoCreate product family, services, training and support to new and existing customers in selected geographies. The CoCreate product family is PTC's explicit modeling CAD design environment, which includes 3D and 2D CAD, integrated product data management (PDM) and collaboration software. CoCreate provides speed, flexibility, and responsiveness-to-change for customers facing short design cycles and one-off product designs. Companies that need a lightweight design process can achieve faster design cycles with the flexibility of the PTC explicit approach to 3D CAD.

"These new alliances will help PTC meet the ever growing customer demand for Co Create, which continues to command a majority share of the explicit CAD market worldwide," said Justin Teague, general manager, CoCreate. "We believe that offering access to the unmatched resources, expertise and stability that our partners provide enables PTC to deliver additional value to its CoCreate customers and the CAD/CAM market as a whole."

Expansion in North America
CoCreate solutions are now being offered by five new partners in North America: TriStar, EAC, NxRev, 3HTI and BRT Solutions.

* TriStar (http://www.tristar.com) is North America's top provider of PTC Software and Certified Training services, and a leader in PLM and engineering consulting services.
* EAC Product Development Solutions (http://www.eacpds.com) is a global provider of engineering products and services and a complete source for product development solutions for the manufacturing, engineering and design industries.
* NxRev (http://www.nxrev.com) is the largest PTC platinum partner on the west coast specializing in the sale and support of the entire suite of PTC software.
* 3 H Technology Institute, LLC, better known as 3 HTi (http://www.3hti.com) are experts in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), helping customers attain significant results by fully applying technology to achieve an outstanding return on investment.
* BRT Solutions of Canada (http://www.brt-solutions.com) markets, supports and develops software solutions that help optimize a manufacturer's Product Development Processes.

Expansion in Europe

New partners across Europe will offer CoCreate in new and existing geographies: Econocap OY will offer CoCreate solutions in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland; IPM Solutions in Slovakia; and S&T Unitis in Hungary. Other new partner territories include Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

* Econocap OY (http://www.econocap.com) is the largest solution provider for PTC product development solutions in Northern Europe and Poland.
* IPM Solutions, Ltd. (http://www.ipmsolutions.sk) sells and supports PTC products in Slovakia, with distribution rights for PTC products in Eastern and Middle Europe.
* S&T Unitis Hungary Ltd (http://www.snt-world.com) supports Hungarian manufacturers with effective product development and product lifecycle management solutions, including CAD/CAM.
* SCIROTEC GmbH (http://www.scirotec.de) sells and supports PTC solutions in Germany. Additionally, SCIROTEC is a CoCreate Sheet Metal specialist. Also a TRUMPF business partner, SCIROTEC is responsible for the support of TRUMPF CoCreate CAD customers and processes. SCIROTEC professionals are PTC PLM solution experts.

Expansion in Southern Asia
New partner, RevTech will offer CoCreate solutions throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

* RevTech (http://www.revtech.com.sg/) a division of Revelation International, is a Singapore-based technology sales, marketing and distribution company with offices throughout South East Asia.