Feb 4, 2010

PLMIG calls for input to drive new PLM Standards

Oxford, England : Following the launch of a discussion process to determine the need for standards and professional qualifications in PLM, the PLM Interest Group announces feedback calling for new standards in:-

* Service Oriented Architecture
* PLM in Mergers & Acquisitions
* PLM solution delivery

There are existing standards initiatives in the PLM arena, but it is becoming clear that they will not provide everything that is needed. New standards are required, with an extended discussion phase to decide what these should be.

The PLMIG is asking for input from PLM professionals in all types of organisation, in all countries. PLM standards should apply internationally, and should be supported by widespread agreement. Some of the new standards may need to be smaller and more focused, such as for PLM definition, product structure, and metrics/ROI.

There needs to be a clear picture of which new standards are needed, how they will be developed, what kind of organisation or association should maintain the standards, and how the current standards fit into the future scenario.

Ongoing developments are being posted on the PLMIG web site, in advance of a possible meeting to work on the standards structure in detail. Feedback can be added through those pages or via standards@plmig.com.