Feb 8, 2010

PADT Increases Fluid Simulation Offering with ANSYS FLUENT User Defined Function (UDF) Development Services and ANSYS Icepak Support and Training

PHOENIX, AZ – Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT, Inc.) the Southwest’s largest provider of mechanical simulation, product development, and rapid prototyping services and products, has announced the addition of two new offerings for its customers – the ability to develop custom User Defined Functions (UDF’s) for ANSYS FLUENT and technical support and training for users of ANSYS Icepak.

The move to developing ANSYS FLUENT UDF’s for customers is an obvious one for PADT because of their strong Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consulting experience coupled with over 15 years of customization experience with other simulation tools, especially ANSYS Mechanical. ANSYS FLUENT, the most popular CFD simulation software on the market, has long offered its users considerable capabilities through the use of UDFs. However, many users do not have the resources or software development background required to write their own UDFs, which is where PADT can help.

PADT’s CFD staff consists of PhD engineers who are experts in the theory behind the numerical simulation of fluid flow problems. They are also seasoned users of several commercial and academic CFD packages, and are experienced software developers. This unique combination of skills and PADT’s business model of building strong partnerships with our customers, positions PADT as the company that can provide this assistance.

Clinton Smith, one of PADT’s CFD engineers commented “After completing many trials with customers during a training process with ANSYS, Inc., we clearly saw the value UDF’s add for customers that have unique material, physics or reaction needs. Instead of developing an entire piece of custom software, we can quickly add on to the wide capabilities that already existing in ANSYS FLUENT.”

While PADT built up their skills with UDF development, another set of engineers within the company with backgrounds in thermal simulation, were working to improve their knowledge of the ANSYS Icepak tool. They can now easily provide expert training and support for this product with the knowledge that they gained during this time. As the leading CFD tool for electronic thermal management simulation , Icepak is a tool that many of PADT’s existing customers have used for some time. Those same customers often count on PADT for technical support and training on other ANSYS, Inc. products, so many asked that PADT add support and training for Icepak to the company’s offerings, which is what PADT has done.

“Icepak is an amazingly powerful tool for thermal modeling of electronic systems.” Says Ben Chambers, one of PADT’s more experienced thermal analysts. “Because it is so capable and has so many useful features, it is a pleasure to work with our customers and help them get even more useful information in less time out of the tool.”

Technical support is offered to ANSYS Icepak users in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and the El Paso area for those who renew their ANSYS Icepak licenses through PADT. Users of Icepak anywhere in the world can also receive training from PADT either at PADT’s Tempe, Arizona facility, over the internet, or at the customer’s facility.