Feb 24, 2010

Invention Machine Unveils Invention Machine Goldfire 6.0

BOSTON — Invention Machine has announced the availability of Invention Machine Goldfire 6.0 with integrated collaboration and expert identification technologies to further accelerate product innovation. The new software automatically identifies and connects innovation workers with domain experts, delivers solutions immediately and measures company-wide innovation initiatives and trends in real time. It also empowers the community with precise innovation intelligence by leveraging undocumented expertise from problem-sharing dialogues, then captures and processes those discussions as reusable corporate assets. Goldfire 6.0 is designed to increase productivity between five to 30 percent, accelerate every day innovation activities and deliver cutting-edge products quickly.

Invention Machine has added new content to Goldfire, the innovation intelligence platform. Users can now access patents from local authorities in France, Germany, Japan and the U.K. and also take advantage of Goldfire's intra-lingual capability to read the summaries in their own languages. In addition, more than 18 million citations from PubMed's 5,200 biomedical journals were added to Goldfire and 3.5 million documents from 1,100 deep web sites were pre-indexed, making it easier for users to tap into additional innovation intelligence.

"Maintaining an innovation-edge is critical to our business success," said Kelvin Pitman, director, Open Innovation, Crown Packaging Technology, a subsidiary of Crown Holdings, Inc. "Goldfire 6.0's new capabilities will allow us to easily identify experts and foster better collaboration within the organization, accelerating the development of innovative products for our customers to meet ever-changing consumer demands."

Goldfire drives and sustains the innovation process by helping global manufacturers transform ideas into market leading products, efficiently and economically. The platform combines proven innovation workflows and collaboration capabilities with precise access to corporate and external knowledge. This unique software empowers innovators so they can deliver the right products the first time, validate and rank the right ideas and streamline the ideas to productization process.

"In today's global environment, every day innovation workers must successfully tap into experts and utilize knowledge throughout their innovation intelligence ecosystem," said Jim Todhunter, chief technology officer, Invention Machine. "Goldfire 6.0 connects the right people at the right time, accelerates product innovation so innovators can deliver the right solutions, which in turn can significantly impact a company's bottomline."