Feb 24, 2010

Geometric releases NestLib 2010 R1 with advanced optimization functionalities for inventory management and sheet metal punching

Mumbai - Geometric Limited today announced the release of NestLib® 2010 R1 with improvements in material utilization for sheet metal punching and inventory management.

NestLib is one of the most successful nesting software library in the market, focused on optimizing two dimensional packaging. It has been licensed by over 90 independent software vendors and original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

This latest release of NestLib incorporates a number of new features, several important fixes and updates, as well as performance improvement measures. Some of the most important additions include:

- Multiple Corner nesting and Inventory Forecasting support with edge matching feature to increase material utilization, and thereby reduce material cost for the wood working industry

- User controls advancements like run time local area selection for every orientation of a part in Common Punch module. This feature will assist punch machine users to control the nesting of a specific part in the entire nested layout

- Nesting reports in PDF format can be directly generated from the NestLib evaluation program. This will allow customers to store the nested reports on their computers for easy reference and sharing

- Inventory Forecasting module that identifies the best sheet size to be used for a given order, can now be used for orders with different part materials and thickness

NestLib is recognized as one of the fastest and most efficient nesting libraries. It provides matchless, high speed, and powerful algorithms for fully automated True Shape nesting.

The NestLib portfolio consists of a base module and a set of optional advanced modules, each of which provides specialized functionality. These include:

- Shear nesting module for saw parts requiring end to end cutting

- Common Punch module specially designed for parts to be cut using punching machines

- Leather nesting module for leather parts with different quality patterns

- Remnant generation module for automatic remnant creation after nesting

- Tube nesting module for tube cutting and pipe cutting

- Common Cut module for nesting adjacent parts such that they share a common flame path

NestLib is available as a static library, Dynamic linked library (DLL), and COM DLL. It also supports Java and .NET framework. NestLib is available for 32 -bit and 64 -bit Microsoft Windows OS as well as for Sun Solaris and Linux platforms. It can be ported to Mac OS on demand. NestLib also supports multi-core computing for both dual core and quad core computers.