Feb 23, 2010

Delcam to support diversification at DieMould India

Delcam India can help toolmakers diversify into aerospace projects.

Delcam India will show how the company can support the diversification of toolmaking companies into new industries on stand A6 at the DieMould India exhibition to be held in Mumbai from 18th to 21st March. Managing Director Vineet Seth believes that his company’s broad range of design and manufacturing software, and the expertise of his staff, can help toolmakers to broaden their business opportunities and so continue to be successful.

"In the uncertain economic climate, a lot of generic toolmakers have been forced to look at expanding their portfolio and so have started adding facilities for production machining,” claimed Mr. Seth. "Similarly, many companies who were primarily servicing automotive clients have now started looking for opportunities in other sectors, including aerospace and healthcare.”

"To be successful in these new areas, the toolmaker needs the assistance of his suppliers, especially the company providing and supporting his CADCAM software,” added Mr. Seth. "Delcam India is uniquely placed to help this type of expansion. We have specifically tailored solutions for various verticals that toolmakers might begin to look at as potential business expansion opportunities.”

The complete range of Delcam machining software comprises PowerMILL for high-speed and five-axis machining, FeatureCAM for feature-based programming for production machining, PartMaker for Swiss-type lathes and turn-mill equipment and ArtCAM for engraving and routing. Together, these programs comprise the world’s most comprehensive range of CAM software from a single suppler. This broad coverage is one of the reasons why Delcam is consistently ranked as the world’s leading specialist supplier of NC software and services by US analysts Cimdata. Delcam complements its machining systems with a full range of supporting software for data translation, tooling design, reverse engineering and inspection.

Delcam has also developed a number of systems that combine machining and inspection processes. These are attracting particular attention from the aerospace industry, for both the manufacture and the repair of complex components. One example of this integration is electronic fixturing. With this technique, toolpaths are adjusted to match the actual position of the surface of the workpiece, rather than trying to align the part into exactly the nominal position specified in the CAM system. This approach can overcome the problems encountered when machining large, heavy parts or flexible composite panels.

Delcam India is also helping its customers to develop opportunities in the healthcare business. Internationally, Delcam’s design, reverse engineering, machining and inspection software are used in a wide range of applications from the production of prostheses, through to the manufacture of surgical instruments and all types of medical packaging. Mr. Seth believes that similar opportunities are available in the Indian healthcare sector.

In addition, Delcam India can supply specific products for the healthcare market. These include the DentCAD and DentMILL programs for the design and manufacture of dental restorations and the OrthoModel and OrthoMill software for the development of orthotics. In addition, special versions of the CRISPIN range of footwear design and manufacturing software are available for the production of orthopaedic footwear.