Feb 4, 2010

COADE Releases CAESAR II Version 5.20 Updates

HOUSTON - COADE announced today the publication of an article in the October 2009 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine titled Plant Design for the People that discusses the democratization of plant design that is occurring globally, led in large part by the collaborative intelligence of intuitive automated tools such as COADE’s plant design and engineering solutions.

The article, written by Gary Carson of Equamark, Houston, Texas, points out the benefits these new affordable and easy-to-use tools have brought to virtually all parts of the world by making powerful plant design and engineering analysis tools available to designers and engineers everywhere.

Prior to the introduction of the CADWorx Plant Design Suite and CAESAR II for pipe stress analysis, the article notes that the only solutions for automating plant design were complex and costly programs that only the largest multinational owner-operators and engineering/construction firms, located in the most highly developed parts of the world, could afford to buy and to train their people to use effectively.

The democratization of plant design and engineering has brought down the cost and greatly expanded the availability of automated plant design and the collaboration between design and engineering disciplines, thereby benefitting companies and economies and improving the quality of life for citizens throughout the globe.