Feb 8, 2010

Broadleaf to Create Virtualized Server and Storage Infrastructure for Z Corporation

To Improve Application Availability and Manageability.

BOSTON, MA - Broadleaf, a leader in designing and implementing vendor solutions for virtualization, data storage, protection, availability and recovery, today announced that Burlington, MA-based Z Corporation engaged Broadleaf to deliver a comprehensive server virtualization and storage solution. Broadleaf used its proven engagement process to enable the 3D printer manufacturer to improve application availability and manageability of servers and applications. Z Corporation realized a significant reduction in the time necessary to implement new applications. Z Corporation joins a growing list of enterprises enlisting Broadleaf for cost-effective strategies for server and storage virtualization as well as data replication, business continuity and disaster recovery.

As companies of all sizes become increasingly dependent on uptime for both applications and data, the demand for cost effective, easy-to-manage storage and protection strategies continues to grow.

As the developer and manufacturer of the world's fastest 3D printers and the world's most portable 3D scanners, Z Corporation recognized the business necessity of reducing its recovery time in the event of server downtime or data loss. After looking at another vendor's solution, Paul Mueller, MIS Manager felt that "it was too complicated and would not have lasted... we would have had to replace it in the near future." Before making his decision on this project, Mueller was also concerned about virtualizing SQL and Exchange because if not done properly performance issues can be severe.

Mueller went on to say that "the solution Broadleaf recommended is optimal for Z Corporation. The time spent managing our server and application environment has been greatly reduced and our application and data availability has been greatly improved. Broadleaf's thorough planning and design process resulted in a very successful implementation and migration." The new infrastructure implemented by Broadleaf for Z Corporation guarantees improved data protection, application availability and recoverability in the case of an on-site loss. According to Gregor Stewart, Broadleaf's Director of Technology Strategy, "many enterprises will find this increased flexibility, to be as compelling as the more obvious efficiencies of virtualization."