Feb 23, 2010

3D Engineering AX3000 software series now on Bricscad V10

Gent, Belgium : Bricsys, the company behind Bricscad, has announced that all modules of the AX3000 series - developed by ESS EDV Software Service GmbH – are available for Bricscad V10. Until now the software was only available for AutoCAD® and Nemetschek’s All-Plan®.

AX3000 is a complete set of 3D software modules covering the main aspects of Building Techniques such as HVAC, Sanitary, Electrical and Building Simulation and Energy certificates. AX3000 allows to design in 3D based on the use of intelligent objects. AX3000 covers the analysis, the calculation and modeling within the aforementioned modules.

All AX3000 modules are now ported to the Bricscad platform and are available in 9 languages. Since two decades the software is successfully sold in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and France, all countries where Bricscad has a strong presence.

Mr. Josef Gasser, CEO of ESS EDV, expresses it this way: “We are very excited to have AX3000 - our flagship product - now running on Bricscad V10. Bricsys has done a wonderful job in developing its BRX API. We only had to recompile our AutoCAD based source code, while Bricsys completed for us its set functions of their BRX API. This offers freedom of choice for our customers. The Bricscad pricing model gives us more flexibility in a competitive market while we can offer an unchanged product.”

“The steady growth of available engineering applications for Bricscad V10 makes our platform stronger and more attractive by the day” says Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “The Bricscad application portfolio covers more and more ranges of the engineering industry in a growing number of regions of the world. Bricscad customers have a constant growing choice of professional software. AX3000 fits perfectly in our high-end AEC applications catalog. In a time when green buildings are becoming hype and 3D building simulation is needed, AX3000 makes it real and guarantees results.”