Dec 22, 2009

GE's Light Technology & Design Center at Bangalore designs products on fixtures with ThinkDesign

Bangalore - GE Lighting, a division of GE Consumer and Industrial, is using think3's ThinkDesign Styling to design ORANE, GLITRA, STEALTH and OPTYLANE products.

GE's Team India has established the LTDC (Light Technology & Design Center) at Bangalore. The tech center focuses on new design of lighting fixtures, with its state of art testing facility to test newly developed fixtures, and today its one stop solution to all the lighting requirements of Indian market. To design its product on fixtures GE Lighting opted for ThinkDesign Styling and have designed indoor and outdoor lighting products on ThinkDesign.

“LTDC has SOLID EDGE as its main design platform. In addition to this think3’s ThinkDesign is used in new concepts with intricate surface features. GE Lighting decided to go with ThinkDesign because think3’s CAD solution has benefits of both parametric and feature based software’s. ThinkDesign Styling is really handy while initial modeling and also while editing in later part of design stages”. Quotes Mr. Maruti and Mr. Nitin, Design Team at LTDC.

“GE Lighting is one of our oldest customers in India and we are happy that the client has found ThinkDesign Styling quite useful while designing its products. We look forward for more such associations with our customers and delight them with think3’s innovative CAD and PLM technology” states Mr. Vignesh Kumar Padmanabhan- Head South Asia Sales.

GE Lighting used ThinkDesign Styling to design ORANE, GLITRA, STEALTH and OPTYLANE products. Think3’s CAD solution enabled optimum management of all steps in the modification of surfaces. ThinkDesign Styling offers an innovative approach to design. With its Target Driven Design, it frees users from the technological constraints of traditional design systems. ThinkDesign Styling’s rich capabilities include powerful tools such as Global Shape Modeling, capping, blending curves and blending shapes, associative global sweep, as well as dynamic morphing, automotive grid and rendering. The designer would save 70-80% of his design time on design Iterations and Modifications. This is the speed at which thinkDesign works for its advanced GSM technology.

Think3’s Global Shape Modeling (GSM³), provides designers with a very high level of technological innovation ensuring unrivalled ease of use. Currently, this is the only creation and modification tool that enables users to make changes in a quick and accurate way in any stage of the design process, accelerating interactions with unlimited creativity and eliminating the need of rebuilding models.

ORANE is basically outdoor city beautification product with its unique shape compared to its existing competitor’s products, it stands out from the crowd. “Using ThinkDesign was very helpful in modeling initial concept models” states Mr. Maruti and Mr. Nitin, GE LTDC Design Team.

GILTRA belongs to ORANE family, but is outdoor wall mount city beautification product. Initial concept models have been designed using ThinkDesign and the aesthetic look is impressive.

STEALTH is an indoor commercial fixture for office interior. This product has been designed and detailed completely on ThinkDesign. ThinkDesign’s surface modeling features turned out to be very impressive.

OPTYLANE is mid range outdoor street lighting system. The design of this product has been carried out on ThinkDesign, even detailed drawings have been made using ThinkDesign.

“This project was a very good exercise to explore the capabilities of the software” said a member of the Design Team, GE Lighting.

GE Lighting provides technology ranging from incandescent to speciality products.