Oct 20, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha Announces the Release of the Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API

Wolfram Alpha LLC today announced the general availability of the Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API. This API allows web, mobile, desktop, and enterprise applications to seamlessly access the extraordinary capability of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine, powered by a supercomputer-class cloud infrastructure.

The Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API builds on the long-term goal of Wolfram Alpha LLC—to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone—by providing a robust and flexible interface between Wolfram|Alpha and third-party applications. By leveraging the trillions of pieces of curated data, tens of thousands of algorithms, and award-winning visualizations that compose Wolfram|Alpha, developers can rapidly create distinctive knowledge applications for either broad or niche markets.

"The Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API democratizes access to data and algorithms for developers," said Wolfram Alpha's Schoeller Porter, Architect, Developer Relations. "The Webservice API removes the need to be an expert in computational methods in order to incorporate advanced analysis techniques in an application. Access to these advanced algorithms liberates developers and opens a world of possibility."

Operating as a REST-style webservice, the Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API can be called from any internet-connected computer or device and can be used with any programming language that supports HTTP and XML. As a result, the Webservice API can effortlessly integrate computational knowledge into websites, mobile applications, interactive journalism and publishing, and cloud computing applications. The Webservice API transforms Wolfram|Alpha into a platform that developers can leverage to build innovative, dynamic knowledge applications.

"The Webservice API delivers the proven infrastructure that underpins the Wolfram|Alpha website," continued Porter. "You can be confident in the reliability and performance of the webMathematica-based supercomputer cloud, whether you operate in a shoestring startup or a global enterprise."

The Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API is offered as a utility service and is priced on a per-request basis, with bulk pricing available. Pioneer grants are available for selected entrepreneurs and developers building innovative applications using the Webservice API. More information on the Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API can be found online.