Oct 21, 2009

Third Wave Systems Announces Upcoming Release of AdvantEdge Production Module Version 5.7

Minneapolis, MN: Third Wave Systems has announced the upcoming release of Production Module version 5.7 on November 2, 2009. Production Module is process-analysis CAE software that integrates workpiece material properties, CAD/CAM inputs, and machine dynamics to map forces, temperatures, and more.

Over the years, this technology has become integral to engineers looking to reduce cycle times, maximize machine utilization, and reduce tool breakage. By displaying results visually, Production Module allows users to better understand the machining process to avoid potential problems and identify opportunities for improvements.

Production Module 5.7 will introduce many new and/or enhanced features in both its 2D and 3D editions, including:

* MetalMAX stability data import (3D)
* Split line optimization (2D and 3D)
* Tool center programming (3D)
* VERICUT profile tool definition (3D)
* Center drilling (2D)
* Tool change time transients (3D)
* Graphing results overlay (2D)
* Subsequence optimization (2D)
* APT cycle definition (3D)