Oct 20, 2009

Schott Systeme's 5 Axis Machining at Fakuma 2009

Friedrichshafen, Germany: Teaming up with CNC machine builder i-mes GmbH, German CAD/CAM developer Schott Systeme GmbH showcased their very latest 5 axis simultaneous machining technologies live at Europe’s largest injection moulding exhibition, the Fakuma 2009 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Schott Systeme used the exhibition to demonstrate their latest ‘Pictures by PC 3.4’ CAD/CAM solution, and the incorporated 5 axis programming enhancements. To start, the company targeted the lengthy toolpath calculation times associated with 5 axis simultaneous machining, and invited visitors to benchmark their latest multi threaded toolpath calculations. Taking advantage of computers with multiple processors, tests made during the exhibition provided consistent speed gains for the calculation of complex 5 axis toolpaths of up to 50% on the dual core PC used during the show, with the company estimating gains of up to 60-70% on quad core variants.

In addition, Schott Systeme used the live machining of an impeller to highlight the main theme of the show, that of providing increased control over 5 axis machining strategies. Essential when machining extremely tight areas where the potential of a crash between machine and part are high, the company’s ‘5 Axis Synchronization’ technology provides the ability to individually specify the orientation of the tool at specific points on the part. Interpolating the toolpath between these designated tool orientations, 5 axis toolpaths are generated enabling the safe and optimal machining of complex parts.