Oct 29, 2009

Quantapoint 3D Laser Scan Data now Integrated With Autodesk(R) Revit(R)

PITTSBURGH, PA - Quantapoint -- recent recipient of a General Services Administration (GSA) laser scanning IDIQ contract -- announced the integration of Quantapoint 3D laser scan data with Autodesk(R) Revit using QuantaCAD(TM). Laser data may be accessed directly within Revit as photo-realistic Laser Images(TM) of individual 3D laser scans and high-definition Laser Models(TM) of integrated laser data, not fuzzy "point clouds" whose sparse measurements make them difficult to use and understand.

"One of the challenges of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been creating 3D BIM models that accurately represent existing buildings," said Eric Hoffman, Founder of Quantapoint. "By integrating Laser Models and Laser Images with Revit, Quantapoint can more quickly create 3D BIM models and validate their accuracy. Additionally, new 3D BIM designs can be viewed and clashed with the laser data to ensure that they will fit into the existing facility, thus eliminating rework."

QuantaCAD provides a number of useful capabilities to Revit users to enable them to create and validate 3D BIM models, visualize proposed modifications for design and constructability reviews, and identify and correct potential interferences. Some of the capabilities include:

-- Direct Integration: Integrate laser data with Revit directly, without
sub-sampling or converting to "polygon meshes."
-- Laser Models: Display 3D BIM models using solid, high-definition
Laser Models for direct remodeling or to create new designs.
-- Laser Image Projection: Project 3D BIM models into Laser Images of
individual 3D laser scans for real-time validation or design reviews.
-- Measurement: Measure points, distances and mechanical or plumbing
pipe information between the 3D BIM model, Laser Images and Laser Models.
-- Clashing: Clash laser data and 3D BIM models to verify remodeling
accuracy or identify interferences with new designs.
-- Demolition: Group Laser Models that are parts of the facility being
demolished and highlight or hide them for planning or design analysis.
-- Multi-user Database: Share measurements across the team via a multi-
user database to ensure consistent information and easier interactions.
-- State Manager: Store and recall laser data (Laser Models, Laser
Images and views) to focus on areas or interest and more quickly resume

By using QuantaCAD to put reality in Revit, BIM remodeling time can be reduced while ensuring accuracy, design time can be decreased by accessing complete and clear Laser Models and Laser Images that represent existing conditions, and rework from design clashes can be eliminated by correcting clashes between the Laser Models and the new design.