Oct 26, 2009

Paradigm Imaging Group's New EIS Supra System receives BERTL® Four-And-A-Half Star Rating

Costa Mesa, CA – Paradigm Imaging Group, a distributor of large-format scanning and printing solutions, announced today that they have received the prestigious BERTL® Four-And-A-Half Star Outstanding rating on the New EIS Supra System.

BERTL® reserves the Four-And-A-Half Star Outstanding rating for devices that deliver a variety of business-critical features and functions, are above average, and provide potential buyers with a good return on investment. The New Supra color MFP solution was awarded the Four-And-A-Half Outstanding rating based on its versatility, ease-of use, and its use of best-of-breed components. BERTL® recommends the Supra for the facility management, CAD/GIS and reprographics markets.

Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group, stated, “We are proud to receive one of the highest ratings from BERTL®, especially considering the fact that last year the original Paradigm Supra was awarded the BERTL® 4 Star rating in addition to the BERTL’s BEST Award. Receiving the Outstanding rating for the New Supra motivates us to continue to strive to provide the best value and the highest level of service while delivering versatile and technically sophisticated solutions to our customers.”