Oct 21, 2009

New Features and Pre-Release Pricing for Kubotek's KeyCreator Version 9

MARLBOROUGH, Mass - Kubotek USA has announced that new licenses of KeyCreator will be sold at $2,995, a $700 discount. Customers will receive version 8.5 today and this price includes three months of maintenance that begins with the shipment of version 9. More information about this pre-release special can be found online. Upgrade specials are also available. Prices are effective through December 31, 2009.

Naotake Kakishita, President and CEO, Kubotek USA best sums up the work delivered in the KeyCreator Version 9 release. He stated, “We believe some of the enhancements that we have implemented in this version of KeyCreator and future planned improvements will make KeyCreator the fastest 3D CAD modeler on the market.”

Jim Gordon, Vice President of Development, Kubotek USA adds, “We work with many different types of files from different CAD packages. These files continue to get larger and more complex. This is pushing us to make our software perform better and faster. This major breakthrough in our technology is just the beginning of the speed increases that our customers will see as we continue to re-architect our underlying KeyCreator technology.”

Significant architectural changes in KeyCreator’s technology have resulted in major enhancements in the day-to-day use of the software, including substantial performance increases when working with large and complex files. These 3D Direct Modeling improvements make modeling operations with complex solids more efficient. Files with large numbers of entities perform better, as well.

More explicit transformation capabilities have also been added, including the ability to dynamically deform curves, copy and move entities with Kubotek’s exclusive DynaHandle 3D Direct Editing Handle. KeyCreator Version 9 will also fuse its ground breaking direct modeling technology with newly added mating constraint capabilities. The inclusion of the mating constraints will give users the ability to control and constrain models only when, and for long as, it is needed. This control, together with the enhanced Dimension Driven Editing and existing Face Logic technology, gives KeyCreator users unparalleled flexibility to work with unprecedented freedom and control.

This blend of both design traditional and direct modeling technology will give users best-in-class flexibility and precision in a unified design environment where only one file embeds all modeling information. Companies that rely on rapid manufacturing and prototyping, custom machining and tooling or who just need to produce custom designs quickly will find that KeyCreator’s Direct Modeling is the preferred method. Others will be able to take advantage of the constraining technology when it is the best choice.