Oct 26, 2009

Missler Software's TopSolid 7 – A new generation of CAD/CAM for optimised performance

Missler Software, a leading CAD/CAM developer has recently launched TopSolid 7, the 7th generation of its integrated software range TopSolid. TopSolid 7 offers huge innovations on the CAD/CAM market by simplifying the design and modification of large assemblies in an organised and structured environment. The CAM module of TopSolid 7 (which will complete the integration which is the hallmark of the TopSolid range) will be completed in 2010. The end user of the new software generation benefits from productivity gains estimated at being 30% superior to traditional solutions.

Less errors
TopSolid 7 integrates everything together in a single software solution with its full CAD/CAM/FEA/PDM/ERP which allows engineering and production departments to easily communicate and work together in an entirely controlled and secure environment. This eliminates the risk of potential errors: design and machining data are compatible and are managed and monitored transparently.

Designing large assemblies
TopSolid 7 has been entirely re-thought and rewritten both in terms of software technology and methodology. Thanks to the multicore technology used the virtual design of assemblies made up of several thousand parts is now possible with acceptable response times.

The development and support of TopSolid, version 6 continues
The approximately 9000 TopSolid version 6 users throughout the world can rest assured that this version will continue to be developed and supported over the coming years. The migration and compatibility between the 2 generations of TopSolid is guaranteed but TopSolid 7 does not yet offer the industry solutions (wood, mold, sheetmetal ...) or CAM capabilities of its predecessor. "We will continue to develop and support TopSolid version 6 for many years to come", assures Christian Arber, CEO of Missler Software. Today, TopSolid 7 is the ideal solution for the design of large mechanical assemblies, notably in the case of machine design.

A leading solution in the future
Completely based on new software development technology, TopSolid 7 responds to the increasingly complex industry needs. "All software developers need to continually rethink and create new solutions so that its customers avail of the most up-to-date technology", explains Jean Luc Rolland, Development Director.

TopSolid 7 is in fact the result of 4 years of intense development which has permitted the integration of such technological advances as MultiCore, PDM, web compatibility, software components and computer-generated images. "Our first clients in the mechanical engineering field have experienced time gains in the region of 20 to 30%", confirms Jean Luc Rolland. Design for production remains the key strategy for Missler Software as Marc Choquin, French Sales Manager reminds us. "Integrated CAD/CAM for the mechanical engineering, sheet metal and wood industries is what we offer and will continue to offer in the future."

TopSolid 7 highlights
- Partial loading of documents
- Improved and faster draft creation
- Simple to use, user-friendly software
- Native PDM
- Possibility to work with several collaborators on the same database
- Easier communication thanks to an instantaneous and integrated messaging service
- Advanced and integrated simulation (kinematics, dynamics, integrated calculation)
- Interfaces with all major CAD solutions (Parasolid, AutoCAD, ACIS, IGES, Step, Catia v4, v5, Pro/E, UG,SW, SE, Inventor)

Recommended configuration
- Core 2 Duo processor (not compatible with the AMD Athlon 32 bits processors)
- 2 Go RAM
- nVidia GeForce Series 8 graphical card with 512 Mo RAM
- 500 Mo disk space for installation

Operating system
TopSolid 7 works with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista in 32 and 64 bits versions.