Oct 29, 2009

Latest Version of Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications released

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Flexera Software, formerly Acresso Software, today announced the latest version of FlexNet® Manager for Engineering Applications, the only enterprise license optimization solution on the market for enterprise-class engineering applications. FlexNet Manager now enables organizations to centrally monitor, manage, analyze, and report on software usage by linking usage and denial trends directly to specific contractual license terms, geographies, and organizational structure, so organizations can fully optimize software use, remain compliant, and control spending.

With this product launch, FlexNet Manager now provides analytical tools that automatically recommend software purchase quantities based upon past usage trends and other business-based criteria. This helps organizations more accurately plan and budget for the future and determine the right mix of software to purchase or retire in order to minimize software costs, effectively manage denials and address license compliance issues. FlexNet Manager is the only product available that offers the capability to access continuous usage trending data from thousands of FlexEnabled applications and use that data to recommend optimal purchase quantities.

For energy, software engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, and design companies, high-value electronic design automation (EDA) software can constitute a significant portion of operating expenses. Failing to properly manage licenses for this software risks shelfware, denials of service, and non-compliance situations -- all potentially expensive problems. Without insight into software usage, organizations cannot know what software should be retired, supported or purchased, or accurately gauge the return on investment (ROI) on their software spending.

With 20 years of experience as the makers of FlexNet Publisher, the leading licensing technology embedded in 20,000 enterprise-class applications, Flexera Software is uniquely capable of providing meaningful insight into the usage of some of the most expensive and widely used applications on the market. More than 3,000 software publishers and hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies depend on Flexera Software's technologies to ensure that end users have the most positive experience installing and using their software.

"This new version of FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications is built on Flexera Software's proven capabilities to deliver significant hard-dollar value to enterprises that have invested millions in software but often don't know how much they have or how they are using it," said Mark Bishof, president and chief executive officer for Flexera Software. "Are they overpaying for licenses? Are they violating agreements with the vendors providing essential software tools for running their business? FlexNet Manager makes it easier than ever to answer these questions and helps companies control and optimize their software spend -- delivering significant potential savings."

Through its FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, Flexera Software already brings analytical capabilities to its solutions geared specifically to managing some of the world's most widely used applications, such as SAP® Business Suite and Oracle databases and applications, and today's announcement strengthens Flexera Software's enterprise license optimization offerings to create the industry's most comprehensive solution set on the market today.

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Key New Features Highlights: FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications

-- Software Investment Planner: Based on powerful new analytics that link
usage trending data to specific license terms, the new Software
Investment Planner provides answers to critical business questions fast
so companies can minimize software costs, effectively manage denials and
address license compliance issues. This powerful analysis and planning
tool provides detailed insight into usage trends as they relate to
license terms, costs and organizational structure. It also recommends
purchase quantities based upon past usage trends and other customizable
factors so companies can accurately plan and budget for the future and
determine the right mix of software to purchase or retire.

The Software Investment Planner offers a central place to store complex
contract terms, making it easy to identify compliance issues and see the
cost of changes in the license environment. It also offers new product-
based reporting which maps complex product-to-feature relationships so
companies can automatically report on how they are using the products
listed on their software contracts.

-- Usage Reports for LUM-enabled Applications: Companies relying on CATIA,
ENOVIA SmarTeam, or any other LUM-enabled application can now use
FlexNet Manager to report on and optimize these licenses within a single
interface and workflow.

-- Improved Organization-Model Maintenance and Reporting: FlexNet Manager
now offers an easier way to keep user data updated so companies can
report on how individuals are using software by organization, geography,
or even by project.