Oct 21, 2009

KIIT Partners with Dassault Systèmes to Start 2 year MBA Programme in Technology Management

Mumbai: Dassault Systèmes and KIIT University today announced a partnership to start a two-year MBA programme in Technology Management with the vision to help students in the school of management develop hands-on skills with modernized courseware before they start a career. The courseware includes necessary skills in manufacturing processes and methods that are prevalent in the industries across the world.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of KIIT Group of Institutions said, “We are very proud to start this course to address the need of skilled/ trained workforce in the manufacturing and engineering sector in India. We have joined hands with Dassault Systèmes as our strategic partner, whose Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are widely accepted and used across industries. We hope this partnership will be immensely beneficial to our students and the industry at large.”

This course will add immense value to students enabling them to become skilled managers who can take critical decisions to improve productivity of resources. In a very structured method, students while developing their skills in modern manufacturing methods can get opportunities to apply them in real-life industrial scenarios. In other words, companies hiring such graduates can expect to save time and cost from fundamental training.

KIIT University has also set up a state-of-the-art centre to facilitate PLM education and research. Powered by Dassault Systèmes, the ‘Centre for Building Competence in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)’ is equipped with the latest computing facilities and PLM technologies. This centre can train up to 30 students equipping them with the knowledge of Product Lifecycle Mangement (PLM) solutions at a time.

“In the changing global economy, India is fast emerging as a major player as far as industrial growth is concerned; there is a vast pool of up-coming talent. Through the partnership with KIIT Group of Institutions and the establishment of the ‘Centre for Building Competence in PLM, Dassault Systèmes is dedicated to providing the expertise and training to well prepare students for today's working environment” said Andy Kalambi, President, Dassault Systèmes India.

Dassault Systemes has also offered to set up a full-time Chair, the ‘DS-KIIT PLM Chair, for PLM education and research at the School of Management, KIIT University. The chair will promote PLM-based education to students and also conduct research resulting in societal benefits. The responsibilities of the Chair will include developing course content and involving in proof-of-concept work for critical projects, especially those promoted by the state government towards developing the nation’s infrastructure.