Oct 29, 2009

Infolytica Corporation's MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet version 7 released

Montreal: Infolytica Corporation has announcedthe release of MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet version 7 with multi-threaded 3D solvers which take full advantage of the speedups possible with multicore computers for faster results.

MagNet is an electromagnetic field simulation software based on finite element analysis which is ideal for the design of motors, generators, transformers, sensors or any electromagnetic component.

ElecNet is an electric field simulation tool used for predicting the performance of surge arresters, bushings, insulations, cables and several high voltage applications.

ThermNet couples to MagNet for accurate and seamless 2D/3D electromagnetic-thermal analysis.

In Version 7, the 3D solvers have been parallelized to run on multiple cores simultaneously and allow for multi-threaded operations. This change, along with other improvements to the solvers, has resulted in significant speed ups.

Some of the other new features in version 7 are

* Refreshed user interface with better toolbar management
* Improved post-processing visualizations
* New CAD functions for easier model creation
* Improved charting functions

Pricing and Availability

MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet version 7 are now available.