Oct 28, 2009

Geometric Limited's French subsidiary Adds HyperWorks Suite as a Preferred CAE Tool Set

TROY, Mich - Altair Engineering announced today that Geometric SAS, the French subsidiary of Geometric Limited has added the HyperWorks platform to its preferred set of CAE tools. HyperWorks will be used to provide finite element (FE), optimization, and modeling services to all of Geometric’s European customers, especially in the automotive industry.

“Geometric SAS has been using HyperWorks for over a year now and benefitted by its unparalleled speed and flexibility. HyperWorks allows us to develop and compare many design conditions in a highly interactive and visual environment. Its ability to handle large models allows a much finer mesh, and simulations that are precise. HyperWorks’ graphical user interface is easy to learn, and supports the direct use of CAD geometry and existing finite element models, thus reducing redundancy,” said Avinash Salelkar, vice president and head of the Engineering Services business at Geometric.

“The HyperWorks license will be used to provide FEA and FEM services to our European customers in the automotive domain. As part of Geometric’s global engineering initiatives, work gets distributed amongst its delivery centers across the globe. Geometric SAS finally collates the data and performs a final check before the delivery to the client, this is a part of the direct FEA/FEM engagements that our French operations have,” Said Salelkar.

"We are pleased that Geometric SAS has quickly realized business benefits from its selection of HyperWorks," said Mauro Guglielminotti, managing director, Altair Engineering in France. "The value of the HyperWorks business model, its broad application scope, and open-architecture design enables engineering service companies, like Geometric, to more easily address the varied engineering requirements that are inherent with organizations that have diverse client bases."