Oct 20, 2009

Flow Science Announces Release of Version 9.4 of it's FLOW-3D CFD software

SANTA FE: Flow Science, Inc. has announced the availability of a new release of its FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. Version 9.4 of FLOW-3D offers powerful new casting and hydraulics models, a greater breadth of modeling capabilities across a spectrum of industrial applications, and post-processing improvements for ease-of-use.

“Version 9.4 ought to be very well-received among our user community, given its many new features and capabilities across the wide range of CFD applications that FLOW-3D serves,” said Tom Jensen, Flow Science’s President, in kicking off the release.

New features include:

* Core gas generation and transport model
* Multi-sediment scour and bed-load transport model
* Scour potential model
* Non-linear Stokes waves
* Temperature-dependent material properties
* Modeling moving objects fixed by springs or ropes
* New hydraulic data output
* Post-processing improvements

Go here for a more extensive description of the FLOW-3D 9.4 release.

Flow Science has commenced shipment of the new release to customers under maintenance contracts.