Oct 22, 2009

ESI Group's 20th Anniversary Asian users’ conference, PUCA 2009 to be held in Tokyo

Conference on Simulation-Based Design and Virtual Prototyping for ESI Users across Asia.

Paris – ESI Group announced today the 20th anniversary of its Asian users’ conference and exhibition on Simulation-Based Design and Virtual Prototyping, which will take place on October 29-30, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. To celebrate this special event, ESI offers free attendance to its customers.

Designed specifically for ESI Japanese customers, but attracting visitors from across the Asia Pacific region, PUCA 2009 is a unique forum for ESI users to share their expertise, best practices, successes and challenges in Simulation-Based Design. The theme of the conference, 'Get it Right® at the Right Time', not only addresses the supporting digital simulation technology but also the methodology and processes needed to get the virtual job done 'at the right time'.

“ESI promotes Innovation with Simulation-Based Design. What distinguishes ESI from other MCAE vendors is our overarching vision where simulation starts immediately in the preliminary design phase, well before the first physical prototype”, reported Isao Yumoto, Managing Director of Nihon ESI. “That vision is only achievable if it is possible to build the virtual prototype that properly accounts for how a product – such as a car, cell phone, or aircraft – is actually manufactured and then tested virtually in a realistic environment. This is where ESI excels”, he continued.

The conference will bring together experts, senior practitioners and decision-makers representing the automotive, energy, aerospace, electronics and other manufacturing industries, as well as prestigious universities. Five keynote speakers will give a talk during the plenary session of the conference:

* Mr. Toshihiro Araki, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Japan
* Dr. Shinyoung Lee, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. , Korea
* Dr. Xavier Agustin, SEAT.S.A, Spain
* Dr. Alain de Rouvray, Chairman & CEO of ESI Group
* Dr. Vincent Chaillou, President & COO of ESI Group

In addition to learning from simulation experts from around the world, attendees will get an overview of ESI’s latest product features and benefits, as well as case studies from around the world.

“PUCA 2009 is our customers’ conference for Simulation-Based Design and Virtual Prototyping, and we are happy to celebrate its 20th anniversary,” said Dr. Alain de Rouvray, Chairman and CEO of ESI Group. “This demonstrates ESI’s long experience and also our company’s commitment to listen to our customers’ issues and challenges, to examine ways to further enhance software solutions and advanced engineering services worldwide, to nurture our global partnerships, and in general to accelerate the evolution towards Simulation-Based Design and End-to-End Virtual Prototyping,” he concluded.

PUCA 2009 will also feature presentations from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Honda Motors Corporation, Nippon Steel Corporation, Mazda Steel Corporation, Hitachi Corporation, Mizuno Corporation, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, among others.