Oct 27, 2009

EnginSoft to Distribute Optimal Solutions' Sculptor® Technology in Europe

Trento, Italy: Optimal Solutions Software, LLC, developer of Sculptor, a Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD/CAE) model deformation and optimization tool, and EnginSoft, an international CAE consulting company, have announced a distribution relationship which will see EnginSoft as the distributor for the Sculptor software in Europe.

Sculptor is a shape deformation software capable of arbitrarily deforming a computerized model whose shape is defined by a CAE mesh. These mesh models are typically created using one of the leading CFD or FEA codes, (i.e., FLUENT, CFX, ANSYS, SIMULIA, Star CCM+, OpenFoam, NASTRAN, etc.). A new Sculptor module, called Back2CAD®, gives users the ability to deform their CAD models to match the optimized CAE shapes or to deform CAD models directly.

Coupling Sculptor with a user’s existing CAD and CAE tools opens the full potential of design optimization. By using Sculptor’s proprietary Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology, design engineers and analysts can reshape objects in just a few minutes, find better solutions faster, and ultimately save time and money. Sculptor also provides automated shape optimization which eliminates trial-and-error methods and methods that use CAD parameters for shape change, always replacing them with the Optimal Solution.

The decision to collaborate with Optimal Solutions Software and to distribute Sculptor underlines EnginSoft’s strategy to strengthen its portfolio of CAE solutions, services and expertise. EnginSoft’s core product in Europe is modeFRONTIER®, a state-of-the-art process integration and design optimization software developed by ESTECO, EnginSoft Tecnologie per l'Ottimizzazione, Trieste – Italy.

“As a globally-proven smooth, volumetric morpher, Sculptor perfectly complements modeFRONTIER and offers a state-of-the-art technology package to our customers in Europe. We are excited to jointly exploit the markets with our partner Optimal Solutions, to combine our teams’ expertise and in this way, offer a highly innovative combination of technologies to our customers”, stated Stefano Odorizzi, CEO and President of EnginSoft S.p.A.

With its network of expert engineers in the Italian Headquarters and at subsidiaries/partner offices in France, the German-speaking markets, Sweden, the UK, Spain, Greece, EnginSoft represents one of the major players in the field of simulation in Europe.

Giorgio Buccilli, COO of EnginSoft S.p.A., underlined the importance of the distribution relationship:
"Optimal Solutions’ flagship product Sculptor will add to EnginSoft’s existing portfolio of CAE software and services. Sculptor’s unique Back2CAD functionality and mesh deformation capabilities go hand in hand with the multi-objective optimization techniques provided by modeFRONTIER. We are excited to develop our partnership which I feel will be a great success for both companies, and more importantly for our customers”.

"We are very excited to begin our relationship with EnginSoft,” explains Phil Belnap, President of Optimal Solutions Software, LLC. “They are experts in all the key areas of design optimization that our customers need. Their excellent sales and support network will enable engineers all over Europe to learn how much power they can use to find optimized designs in less time and money by incorporating Sculptor and Back2CAD into their current CAD/CAE process.”