Oct 21, 2009

Delcam's FeatureCAM 2010 to be demonstrated in a series of global webex presentations

Delcam, its subsidiaries and its resellers will demonstrate the new functionality in FeatureCAM 2010 in a global series of webex events next week.

FeatureCAM 2010 includes enhancements across the full range of functionality, from 2D drilling and wire EDM, to five-axis milling and mill-turn operations, while retaining its key benefits as the fastest and easiest-to-use programming system on the market.

Most important of these developments is support for multi-threading when generating 3D toolpaths. This allows the calculations to be spread across multiple cores, resulting in an average time saving of 23% on dual-core PCs.

Drill/Mill is another key enhancement in FeatureCAM 2010, combining drilling and milling functionality for more efficient hole creation. With built-in intelligence, Drill/Mill offers automatic selection of tooling and method based on the current tool crib. This enables users to reduce set-up time, programming time, cycle time and tooling requirements.

PowerMILL technologies, including point distribution, tool-axis smoothing and spiral finishing options, have been introduced into FeatureCAM 2010. The benefits include faster machining, smoother machine motion and improved surface finish.

Machining simulation has also been made faster and more accurate with the addition of a new dual-view option, which allows a part to be viewed from two different angles simultaneously.

The full list of dates and times of the presentations, which will be hosted in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, is on www.featurecam.com/globalpreview.