Sep 30, 2009

TechPassion's VMAP now Part of Altair’s HyperWorks Enabled Community

Altair Diversifies its HyperWorks Platform with Leading NVH Technology.

TROY, Mich – Altair has announced the addition to its HyperWorks Enabled Community (HWEC) of VMAP from TechPassion, an engineering product company building the next generation software tools used by product design teams. HyperWorks users can now download and use the latest version of VMAP at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks software license system on the HWEC website. This brings the total number of applications available under the HyperWorks platform to 53 including 25 third-party software applications such as VMAP.

“TechPassion is pleased to join Altair’s HyperWorks Enabled Community. We look forward to expanding the adoption of VMAP into the Altair customer base through this creative and unique partnership model. ” said Dhanushkodi Mariappan, CEO of TechPassion. “Altair’s RADIOSS solver has become the market leading analysis software in the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) sector. VMAP is a complimentary solution which allows customers to create better products by integrating their testing and analysis processes.”

TechPassion’s VMAP bridges the gap between virtual prototyping and physical testing and experimentation in the product design cycle. It is used by customers to perform vibration testing and correlation of simulation and experimental results. VMAP significantly improves productivity of product design teams by not only cutting costs and development time but also intangibles associated with inaccuracies in design. The TechPassion solution also includes a seamless integration with Altair’s popular HyperMesh application. This tight integration provides transparent data exchanges and allows Altair customers to interact with VMAP from within the HyperMesh environment they are familiar with.

To date, over 200 companies worldwide have joined the HyperWorks Enabled Community, maximizing their current investment in HyperWorks licenses by giving their engineers and designers access to a growing pool of leading technology solutions.

HyperWorks is a suite of enterprise analytic applications that includes statistical, database, visualization and simulation software to help companies make better business decisions. Its patented HyperWorks Units licensing technology allows users to transparently share software licenses globally across a broad suite of applications.

“Altair is excited about this new partnership, it provides our customers a flexible, easy to use and cost effective solution for managing their vibration testing processes and correlating their test results with their computer simulations”, said Michael Humphrey, Vice President of Altair’s Global Partner Programs. “The integration between VMAP and HyperMesh is a significant differentiator and demonstrates TechPassion’s commitment to creating software which is easy for customers to use.”

MSC.Software’s Adams used for Eco-car Innovation by National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore secures Top 5 in Global Eco-car Competition.

SANTA ANA, Calif - MSC.Software Corp today announced that National University of Singapore (NUS), one of the leading global universities centered in Asia has achieved tremendous success in Eco-car innovation and competition using MSC.Software’s engineering analysis tool, Adams.

The NUS eco-car, KRUCE (Kent Ridge Urban Concept Eco-car) runs on hydrogen fuel cell and was ranked top 5 in the recent Shell Eco-marathon competition that saw 66 entries from 37 different countries. The Shell Eco-marathon is an educational platform that encourages innovation, reinforces conservation and fosters the development of leading technology for greater energy efficiency. At the end of the competition, there were only 28 teams that managed to complete at least one of the three runs. As a testament to NUS’s engineering ingenuity using Adams, the eco-car team arrived in time to take part in one run only during the global competition and that run was good enough for a top 5 placement. The team, under the supervision of Associate Professor Lu Wen Feng and Associate Professor Ian Gibson, exceeded all expectations.

“Adams was used in the design of the mechanical steering system, where we needed to understand how various components would react to forces. Adams allowed us to determine the test in virtual environments that optimized the designs for performance, safety and comfort. Once the virtual prototype was completed, Adams checked the model and allowed us to determine the dimensions in terms of the turning circle, steering angle and other aspects of its structural design,” said Associate Professor Ian Gibson, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore.
With this highly visible success, the NUS team has begun to fine-tune the vehicle for next year’s competition which will be held for the first time in Asia.

“Adams will be fully integrated into the engineering analysis process for the design of the next eco-car and based on this experience with Adams, we have plans to develop a city car that is capable of extreme long-distance travel,” added Associate Professor Gibson.

Autodesk Inventor deployed at MagnaFlow to Improve Engine Efficiency, Reduce Emissions

SAN RAFAEL, Calif: MagnaFlow, a leading manufacturer of high-performance exhaust systems and catalytic converters, uses Autodesk Inventor software to develop automotive components that not only help engines operate more efficiently and consume less fuel, but also reduce the amount of toxic emissions that are released into the environment.

For helping reduce the overall environmental impact of automobiles, MagnaFlow is being recognized by Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for September 2009. The company's exhaust systems boost engine performance by expelling exhaust gases quicker than a standard exhaust system. This creates less workload for the engine, making it run more efficiently. The company's catalytic converters help to reduce the toxicity of exhaust emissions by converting carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into less harmful substances, such as carbon dioxide or water.

MagnaFlow's aftermarket components go through a stringent quality control and field testing process, and their systems are custom-built to match the make, model and year of specific vehicles. Working with Inventor software helps MagnaFlow create parts that are rugged enough to survive from city streets to off-road terrain.

"We're one of the only companies to offer a lifetime warranty on our products, so they have to be built to last," said Bonn Rhee, a project engineer at MagnaFlow. "Leveraging advanced functionality in Inventor software, such as the Sheet Metal tools, lets us help optimize our designs before a single piece of metal has been cut. That way, we know in advance that they'll have the strength and performance they need."

The Inventor of the Month program recognizes the most innovative design and engineering advancements made by the extensive community using Inventor software, which takes users beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping. With Inventor, users can create a single digital model that gives them the ability to design, visualize and simulate products before they are built to reduce the necessity of constructing physical prototypes.

Working in collaboration with Autodesk reseller and training partner, U.S. CAD, MagnaFlow also uses Autodesk Showcase visualization software. Using the digital models created in Inventor software, designers can produce accurate, highly realistic product imagery for use in catalogs or sales presentations -- enabling the company to more effectively market its product innovations.

"Given MagnaFlow's standing as an ISO-9001 certified organization and a leader in its industry, it's not surprising that the company is taking advantage of a Digital Prototyping workflow to design and build better products in less time," said Robert "Buzz" Kross, senior vice president, Manufacturing Industry Group at Autodesk.

COADE's CAESAR II for Pipe Stress Analysis and ASD Pipe Support Optimizer to be Integrated

HOUSTON - COADE, Inc. and ASD Global announced today a collaborative initiative to provide an integrated approach to pipe support placement by allowing COADE CAESAR II and ASD Pipe Support Optimizer (ASD PSO) to work together. This product-level integration will allow ASD PSO to automatically place pipe supports into the CAESAR II pipe model for seamless and more efficient analysis.

The capabilities within ASD PSO are designed to automatically locate and select logical pipe supports for a piping design. The output from ASD PSO will greatly benefit both designers and engineers by allowing support information to be automatically passed to CAESAR II for stress analysis and, because of the seamless bi-directional links between CAESAR II and COADE CADWorx Plant, designers can quickly optimize support locations in the design, thereby maintaining the integrity of both the engineering and design.

“ASD is committed to this strategic partnership with COADE as it aligns with our mission to provide our customers the greatest return on their technology investments,” said Manu Chatterjee, CEO of ASD. “Our knowledge-driven design automation tools integrated with COADE’s plant design and stress analysis solutions will streamline our customers’ work processes very effectively, and we are working hard to quickly bring this to market.”

“This announcement shows that COADE continues to deliver on its goal of delivering an integrated design and engineering environment,” said Thomas J. Van Laan, P.E., president and CEO of COADE. “Because 80% of the major firms in our market use COADE engineering products, this collaboration not only gives our users a productivity boost, it has broad benefits for the whole plant design and engineering industry.”

This collaboration will allow designers and engineers, equipped with both COADE CAESAR II and ASD PSO, to streamline their work processes by automating the selection of pipe supports for all major load cases prior to the detailed pipe stress analysis. This initiative brings value during the FEED and detail design stages of a project by reducing the iterative process for support selection and stress analysis. In today’s challenging environment, COADE and ASD are working closely together to deliver greater value and increased productivity to their customers.

COADE User Conference held at Houston with Keynote by Thomas J. Van Laan

HOUSTON: The 2009 COADE User Conference was conducted in Houston with a record number of countries and companies represented and with 60 classes scheduled on the use and application of COADE software products for plant design and engineering analysis, including COADE CADWorx, CAESAR II, PV Elite and TANK.

Held at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott in The Woodlands north of the city, the conference featured a golf tournament on Sunday and keynotes today by Thomas J. Van Laan, P.E., the president of COADE, and special guest performer Mike Rayburn, an award-winner speaker and entertainer known as the World’s Funniest Guitar Virtuoso.

In additional to the 60 educational classes, the conference included roundtable discussions on plant design, networking socials and product-specific technical support discussions with members of the COADE product development team.

TurboSquid Named Exclusive Marketplace Provider of User-Generated 3D Content for Autodesk Seek®

New Orleans, LA – TurboSquid has been named the exclusive marketplace provider of user-generated 3D product models on the Autodesk Seek web service. TurboSquid provides marketplace services for Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Maya, Softimage, AutoCAD, Autodesk Mudbox and other Autodesk formats.

“The user-generated content available through TurboSquid has consistently demonstrated value to the design community,” stated Jeff Wright, Senior Director, Autodesk Content Network. “Naming TurboSquid as our exclusive marketplace provider for user-generated 3D content was the next logical step in our relationship.”

“Architects, engineers and designers often need models ranging from people to furniture to trees in order to complete their projects,” said Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid. “By providing marketplaces that serve both the 3D animation and CAD sectors, we’re serving the needs of a broad spectrum of Autodesk software users.”

TurboSquid has long provided the largest marketplace for 3D models for Autodesk Media & Entertainment products such as 3ds Max, Maya and Softimage. Tentacles, TurboSquid’s modular search interface, is included with 3ds Max, and is available for Maya and other Autodesk software products. In addition, TurboSquid has administered the Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in program since 2003. TurboSquid currently offers a total of twenty plug-in technologies for professional 3ds Max users, and continues to work closely with both Autodesk and third-party developers.

The agreement with Autodesk reinforces TurboSquid’s commitment to provide design professionals with a variety of options for finding and selecting user-generated product models. With the launch of Revit Market in December 2008, TurboSquid, in collaboration with Autodesk Seek, has become the largest marketplace for user-generated Revit content. Revit Market’s for-fee offering of design files complements the free manufacturer-approved content available through Autodesk Seek, the online source of manufacturer-specific product information accessible by design professionals working in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD software.

Sep 29, 2009

Industrial machine builder MAUS chooses think3's CAD and PLM solutions

MAUS, part of Finaid, the holding company of the Carraro Group, has chosen think3’s CAD and PLM solutions to compete in the industrial machinery market

In 1989, to keep pace with every changing market scenarios, the company introduced some of the early CAD solutions. In 1999 it started working together with think3 by implementing their CAD solution - ThinkDesign.

“The passage from 2D to 3D allowed us to improve quality and reduce the time spent on control steps during production” explains Antonio Fassina, Technical Director at MAUS. “Today everything at MAUS is developed using 3D. The conversion of historical files takes place in the Indian office”.

In 2000, the company saw the need to automate management information flows for parts lists and needed something which integrated the technical and management sides of the equation. At this point the company’s existing partnership with think3 was extended with the start of a PDM project employing thinkPLM. The first step of the project consisted of coding the company’s products.

The company needed an efficient way of sharing information by automating the transfer of data from the CAD parts list to the management information system. It also needed to a way of improving direct communications with the Carraro Group. MAUS machines and lines share the same platforms but otherwise have a high degree of personalization. Primarily they work to customer orders rather than producing standard machines and this means that the number components common to several machines is relatively small. A complete MAUS assembly can have between 1000 to 1500 components.

Collaboration with think3 saw the progressive development of a PDM project fully customized to the effective needs of the customer.

“We decided to extend the partnership which linked us to think3 for CAD to include the new PDM project because think3 is very similar to us as a business” explains Fassina. “Both companies adopt a very forceful approach, even though they are small businesses with gigantic competitors. We know from experience that think3 is the partner who follows our project best and will support us throughout all the stages of the process.”

Today, thanks to the implementation of PDM, the Technical Department at MAUS handles all the information regarding parts lists, production orders and supplier modification requests and sends this information to the production and purchasing departments. Updated data are managed efficiently. Maximum security is guaranteed for shared information. ThinkPLM is also linked to Microsoft Project. Plans for the future include eliminating the management system interface in the Technical Department so that everything is done using the PDM.

A medium-term objective for the project plan is a VAULT for the branch in India which currently develops software and mechanical parts.

The Replicated Vault by think3 is particularly useful for companies who develop their products across different sites. The think3 replicated vault copies data from the central server onto a local server so that users can continue to work on the same files at the local level. This considerably reduces network loads and enables enormous savings in file downloading times. It also enables easy data retrieval for all users and the logical organisation of information flows.

"Differentiation through innovation." - This one of the prime objectives of MAUS Spa (Campodarsego, Padua, Italy), an example of manufacturing excellence from Italy’s north-east. The company specialises in the production of automatic fettling machines for jobbing foundries and the automotive industry and also vertical turning machines for the on-highway, off-highway, power transmission & generation, bearings and railway industries.

Flow Science forms Associations with Dazztech Solutions and IOG Engineering

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO : Flow Science, Inc. announced today it has entered into two new international associations to sell and support its FLOW-3D software. Dazztech Solutions Sdn Bhd will represent Flow Science in Malaysia and Singapore, and IOG Engineering will represent Flow Science in Turkey.

Flow Science, Inc. is a privately-held software company specializing in transient, free-surface flow modeling software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide. Flow Science has distributors for FLOW-3D sales and support in nations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Flow Science’s headquarters is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dazztech provides engineering services and solutions throughout the South East Asia region in the automotive, marine engineering, oil & gas, aerospace, automation, electronic, civil & all mechanical engineering industries. Dazztech is located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

IOG Engineering provides consultancy in Turkey, mainly to energy, defense and mineral processing industries. IOG Engineering is located in Ankara,Turkey.

MSC Software Amends Merger Agreement With Symphony and Announces New Special Meeting Date

SANTA ANA - MSC.Software Corporation announced today that it has entered into an amendment (the "Symphony Amendment") to the Agreement and Plan of Merger among MSC, Maximus Holdings Inc and Maximus Inc. dated as of July 7, 2009 (the "Symphony Agreement"), pursuant to which Maximus Holdings Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symphony Technology Group ("Symphony"), has agreed, among other things, to increase the purchase price under the Symphony Agreement to $8.40 per share in cash.

As previously announced, on September 21, 2009, the MSC Board of Directors received an offer from third-party private equity firms to acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of MSC at $8.30 per share in cash (the "New Offer"). On September 28, 2009, Symphony delivered to the MSC Board its revised offer to purchase MSC, the terms of which are reflected in the Symphony Amendment.

In light of the Symphony's revised offer, the MSC Board of Directors determined that the New Offer no longer constituted a Superior Proposal under the terms of the Symphony Agreement and authorized MSC to enter into the Symphony Amendment.

In order to give stockholders sufficient time to consider the amended proposal, the special meeting of the stockholders of MSC previously scheduled for September 30, 2009 has been rescheduled for October 9, 2009. The record date for the special meeting will remain at August 27, 2009. The time and place of the meeting will be announced shortly.

RoadRazer Moves from Personal Edition to CoCreate Modeling for Design of Electric Motor Sports Car

NEEDHAM, MA - PTC® (Nasdaq: PMTC), The Product Development Company®, today announced the 1,000,000th start of CoCreate® Modeling Personal Edition. The CoCreate Personal Edition (PE) is the world's first free explicit 3D CAD software. PE offers all the flexibility of the standard CoCreate Modeling 3D CAD system for assemblies up to 60 parts. Since its release in January 2007, users have experienced the explicit modeling approach in over 100 countries. More than 50% of companies who order CoCreate Modeling as a result of trying the Personal Edition are brand new PTC customers, such as the Denmark-based RoadRazer Car Company.

RoadRazer Car Company develops and produces private sector Formula 1-style personalized sports cars that can be driven on public streets. The RoadRazer is a car you "wear." A team of mechanical engineers and designers tailors each car to fit the physical proportions of its new owner. Because each car is unique, the team needed very flexible software that quickly and easily accommodates radical modification during the complete design process. Creativity and innovation are high priorities for the Danish engineers, who work best while brainstorming and collaborating.

Having used the parametric approach to 3D design, RoadRazer CEO Mikkel Pedersen wanted to find out more about PTC's lightweight and flexible explicit modeling approach to designing products. With CoCreate Modeling, geometry is modified directly without any upfront engineering investment. Pedersen downloaded and tried the free CoCreate Personal Edition from PTC. Quickly convinced that explicit was the modeling approach best suited to his company's design strategy, he contacted PTC partner, JM-Design, obtained the software and attended training. Within a few days, he and the team were working effectively on the new electric motor version of the RoadRazer.

"We were able to quickly and flexibly rework and modify the original car model to fit our plans for our new electric engine version," said Pedersen. "It was so easy to pass work among the team and brainstorm as we sought the best solutions for the new design. Explicit modeling allows quick and easy iterations at any time during the design process. We just accepted or discarded ideas and changes as we worked. You could say, ‘We have seen the light!'"

"It is imperative that companies understand their own development process and the way they work with customers," said Martin Neumueller, CoCreate product management director. "The CoCreate explicit modeling approach perfectly fits the design strategy of companies like RoadRazer, where flexibility to invent and customize with last minute changes are the top priority."

Les Tech will preview the Delcam for SolidWorks CAM system in Québec

Delcam reseller Les Tech will preview the company’s forthcoming integrated CAM system for SolidWorks at a series of events in the Quebec region to launch SolidWorks 2010. The meetings, which are being hosted by local SolidWorks reseller SolidXperts, will take place in Jonquière on 14th October, in Québec on 15th October, in Sherbrooke on 21st October and in Montréal on 22nd October.

The preview version of Delcam for SolidWorks to be demonstrated will include drilling and three-axis milling but plans are in place to extend the functionality in future releases to cover the full range of machining operations, including turning, wire EDM and five-axis machining.

This latest software program marks a new direction for Delcam. Previously, the company has supplied all of its machining software as stand-alone systems that can be linked to any CAD system. In contrast, Delcam for SolidWorks is a dedicated program that provides direct access to Delcam’s world-leading CAM algorithms from within this popular design software.

Delcam for SolidWorks will provide all the benefits associated with Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based machining system. It will have the same strong focus on ease-of-use; all of the knowledge-based automation that makes the software so consistent and reliable, including automatic selection of cutting tools, machining strategies, and feeds and speeds; and the same exceptional speed of toolpath calculation. Of course, it will be based on Delcam’s proven machining algorithms that are already used by more than 30,000 customers around the world. All of this technology will be fully integrated into the SolidWorks environment so that the program looks and behaves like SolidWorks.

Tukatech To Unveil 2010 Version of e-fit Simulator at Material World & Technology Solutions

LOS ANGELES: Tukatech will unveil the 2010 version of e-fit Simulator by Tukatech during the Sept. 30-Oct. 2 Material World & Technology Solutions show in Los Angeles with even more features to improve the speed and visibility in this 3D virtual prototyping and sample making software.

Most notable is the new Autodesk engine that forms the foundation for e-fit Simulator. This new engine provides Windows Vista support, increased speed while working in the system, and even better looking viewport effects, such as shadows and real-time Direct-X shaders.

The new version of e-fit Simulator boasts a simple way to make a fabric look more realistic. The Fabric Maps feature contains more than 1,000 “bump maps” built into e-fit Simulator that can be applied to any fabric to enhance its look. Shininess and transparency can also be set. The settings can be saved to the fabric preset file so that whenever the fabric is used, the effect is automatically applied.

Also, previously complicated construction elements like darts, pleats and bindings have been automated to fold and sew themselves, enhancing the connectivity between TUKAdesign and e-fit Simulator. E-fit Simulator’s amazing ability to fold a pattern piece multiple times, along any internal line, makes it simple to construct garments with cuffs, collars, lapels and other elements.

Tukatech also will unveil Sim Steps, a revolutionary new feature, at the show. In this latest version of e-fit Simulator, commands by the user are intelligently stored into the 3D virtual sample file, and can be replayed automatically whenever pattern changes are made or a different graded size is needed. Garments with complicated construction can be modified with ease, the user only needing to give input for the first 3D simulation.

"Users have always been able to work with pieces individually in e-fit Simulator, to drape them separately from the rest of the garment and add the draped pieces to the garment later, to lock pieces, hide them and more," said Jason Delevan, 3D manager for Tukatech.

"This functionality makes e-fit Simulator the most powerful and flexible 3D sample making system in the industry. The addition of the Sim Steps feature takes all of these functions and automates them, so that when you’ve set a style once, you never have to do it again. The computer does it for you," he added.

Tukatech at booth # TS 700 at Material World 2009

Nordson Corporation subsidiary - EFD - Adds New Customer-focused 3D CAD Service to Website

EAST PROVIDENCE - EFD, Inc., a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN) has added a new feature to their website that allows visitors to download 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) models of EFD products. The new capability will enable customers and prospects to easily and accurately spec-in EFD products when configuring manual work stations or automated assembly machines.

For ease of use, customers and prospects are free to select from 28 different file types to find the one that best suits their needs. Options include AutoCAD®, Autodesk Inventor™, Pro/ENGINEER®, Solid Edge™, CATIA®, SolidWorks®, Unigraphics® and other leading formats.

Thousands of manufacturers throughout the world use EFD’s precision dispensing equipment to apply accurate, repeatable amounts of the adhesives, lubricants and other fluids used in virtually every assembly process. Benefits of controlled fluid application include higher productivity, better quality and reliability, and lower production costs.

The ability to download 3D models is the latest addition to EFD’s customer-focused website, which is available in Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish as well as English.

Other capabilities that make it easy for their global customer base to do business with EFD include “My EFD,” a 24/365 online ordering capability that enables secure live access to product availability, order status and shipment tracking; the ability to view open orders and invoice data; and manage company information. There is also an interactive Flash product catalog that allows customers to locate, view and add items to their cart by simply clicking on the part number.

Carnation Auto chooses TCS to help create India’s first independent multi-brand automobile sales and service chain

Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services today said that it has been chosen by Carnation Auto, a Jagdish Khattar initiative, to provide end-to-end system integration services. The multi-year agreement envisages TCS as the full service provider responsible for enterprise IT solution implementation and includes business consulting, technology implementation and support.

Carnation Auto is promoted by Jagdish Khattar, the former managing director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest passenger car company selling one in two cars in the domestic market. Carnation Auto is setting up a chain of multi-brand auto solutions and sales “hubs” with services like maintenance, insurance, CNG/LPG retrofitment, body and paint, accessories, DC Design, etc under one roof for various auto brands. Carnation will also retail new and certified pre-owned vehicles. It plans to set up approximately 100 multi-brand auto solution hubs in the next four years.

Mr Khattar, CMD, Carnation Auto said, “We are a young company but have eleven locations already operational, and another eight in the pipeline, so an accelerated rollout and rapid scalability of our services is critical for success. Our aim is to provide an alternative to car owners and pioneer the independent multi-brand automobile sales and service industry in India and we needed a technology partner who would create a transformational architecture to accelarate this process. TCS was the partner of choice, with its technical expertise and proven track record for innovatively compressing project time lines.”

Carnation would be heavily banking on technology to retain its key differentiation and reduce time-to-market. The IT infrastructure TCS is setting up would be scalable and integrated to include all aspects of auto retail and repair business like forecasting, inventory management, sales, HR, CRM, payroll, etc.

G Srinivasa Raghavan, country head, India business, TCS said, “We are happy to be associated with a growing brand which has a vision for ‘transforming’ the automobile industry. TCS will leverage its domain expertise and transformation capabilities to enable Carnation to meet its service roll out schedule. This partnership will pioneer significant changes in the automobile retail market space.”

Actify and VISOMEC Forge Partnership

San Francisco - Actify Inc today announced that the company has expanded its European channel by entering into a new reseller agreement with VISOMEC GmbH in Germany. With this partnership, Actify continues to strengthen their position within the European market as the leading visualization and communications solution software supplier.

With a successful background knowledge and history in the area of visualization and communication solutions in their region, the partnership between VISOMEC and Actify holds promising results for all involved.

"With more and more companies having global operations, the need for a solution to exchange all types of data and in a secure manner becomes integral," said David Opsahl, CEO of Actify Inc. "With many of our worldwide customers standardizing on the Actify solution, we make it a priority to have support and training easily accessible throughout the globe. Our partnership with professional partners like VISOMEC aids us in our initiative to provide proven software solutions worldwide."

Under the terms of the agreement, VISOMEC will market and sell the Actify products within Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making the company's products and solutions available to all technical and non-technical users who need access to all data including 3D and 2D product data.

"With the continued globalization of the manufacturing industry continuing to grow in Germany, the need for efficient and accurate data communication and collaboration is in high demand," said Mr. Thilo Biegler, CEO of VISOMEC GmbH. "Bringing over 15 years of industry experience in supplying customer focused visualization and collaboration solutions, joining Actify's European Reseller Channel will allow us to continue our success in satisfying our customers' and prospects' needs."

Bunkspeed Introduces HyperShot ’10

Miami, Florida – Bunkspeed today introduced HyperShot ’10, the long and eagerly awaited new release of the patent pending realtime rendering application that was introduced 2 years ago. Completely redesigned for both Windows and Mac OS X, HyperShot ’10 yet again changes the paradigm of simple and fast image creation for anyone, delivering the ultimate user experience. HyperShot ’10 can be seen at the IDSA International Conference in Miami, Florida, from September 23 - 26, 2009. HyperShot ’10 will ship in the Fall of 2009.

HyperShot is the first digital camera for 3D data. Using scientifically accurate materials and real-world lighting in real-time the patent pending application gives anybody involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes, independent of the size of the digital model.

“HyperShot excites the photographer with the fact that one can generate 3D images of photographic quality very quickly without special education, “ says Ralph Richter, one of the leading German car photographers (www.ralphrichter.com). “The simple and logical layout of the program helps a lot. Complex technical steps are covered by the application itself without interfering with the creative process.”

Richter continues: “It gives me the ability to create reality rather than interpret reality. HyperShot thus becomes the real new digital camera for the photographer.”

HyperShot ’10 feature highlights include:

All new, state-of-the art user interface using latest UI development libraries provided by Apple and Microsoft
- Customizable toolbars and layout
- Floating window palette
- Work in true full screen mode

Asset Library
- Arrangement and organization of assets (materials, textures, environments) in one single place
- All visual representation
- Drag and Drop directly from the library into the scene

Tool Palette
- Clean reorganization of all tools with all new capabilities
- Standard naming conventions
- Visual representation of environment, backplate, textures

Improved interactivity with scene with realtime feedback
- Sliders with realtime feedback
- Widgets for object movement
- Drag and drop interaction

Model tree
- Visual representation of objects and parts in the scene
- Direct interaction with objects and parts

Improved material assignment, definition and refinement
- Drag and drop material assignment with interactive preview
- Interactive color and parameter adjustment
- Visual, more interactive texture mapping

Improved camera control and view management
- Interactive perspective adjustment
- Save / import individual camera views
- True orthographic camera

Painting with light © (Mac only)
- Integration with PhotoShop allows for automatic update of lighting inside of HyperShot when HDRI is saved
- Works with other HDRI generation applications such as HDRLightstudio, HDRShop et al

Scene sharing
- Save camera angles for use in different scenes
- Package scene into single file (model, environment, textures, backplate, frontplate)

New import capabilities
- Existing bip files can be merged with current scene
- IGES and STEP importer for Mac OS X

While the Windows version of HyperShot ’10 is still being fine-tuned, the Mac version has been put in the hand of a number of Bunkspeed’s clients for Beta testing.

“The interface in Hypershot ‘10 has undergone one of the biggest changes I've ever seen a single software revision”, says Philip Renato, Associate Professor, Chair, Allesee Metals/Jewelry Design Program, Kendall College of Art and Design (www.philrenato.com). “It's more attractive, intuitive, and pleasurable to use. Every aspect seems to skip what might have been 3 or 4 incremental improvements.”

Renato continues: “HyperShot '10 will help my students generate portfolio quality renderings as needed, concentrating on composition and materials notcaustics and photometrics. When they launch it for the first time I fully expect them to ask: why doesn't our modeling software work like this?”

“It is so intuitive!” says Andrea “Jinx” Talavera, head of CGI at Twister Imaging (www.twister-imaging.com). “ And because of that, HyperShot lets you be creative without getting stuck in technical stuff. It is so simple and uncomplicated - simply the best tool to use in advertising. What can I say? It is just amazing!!!!!"

“HyperShot ’10 delivers the ultimate user experience for both PC and Mac users that you would expect from a modern software application”, says Philip Lunn, Founder and CEO of Bunkspeed. “Software can never be simple enough. By working closely working with our customers and partners pictures for design reviews and decisions, client presentations, sales and marketing, or advertising can now be created even easier and faster, with even higher quality.
Bunkspeed is showing HyperShot ’10 for both Windows and Mac OS X live at the IDSA International Conference in Miami, Florida, September 23 - 26, 2009, booth 21/22. HyperShot ’10 will be available for purchase in Q4 of 2009.

Version 4.5 of Omnify Software's Empower PLM Solution Released

ANDOVER, MA - Omnify Software has announced the release of version 4.5 of the Omnify Empower PLM solution. This version includes key customer-driven enhancements and delivers a solution for manufacturers to capture data spanning the entire product development process, from design engineering to the manufacturing floor -- for more complete product records.

"Our customers continue to drive us to encompass more product development and manufacturing processes within our system," said Chuck Cimalore, chief technology officer for Omnify Software. "Empower 4.5 achieves this by providing the capability to manage and streamline the flow of data for all aspects of design, manufacturing, test, and maintenance processes. This version changes the concept of the 'traditional PLM' system by extending PLM beyond the management of parts, documents, BOMs and formal Changes."

Omnify Empower PLM 4.5 was launched at Omnify's 2009 Customer Conference and the response from customers was exceptional. Eric Krug, vice president of engineering for Technology Driven Products Corp. (TDP), stated, "TDP is very excited about the new Empower PLM 4.5 release. Version 4.5 adds the capability to manage BOM routers in great detail and includes significant improvements to the Training Module with on-line comprehension testing, tracking of training requirements, and signoffs by trainers. These features will improve our efficiency in maintaining and documenting information per our ISO 13485 requirements."

Key new features include:

-- BOM Routing Module provides a method for documenting manufacturing,
assembly, inspection, and test procedures for any product (Bill of
Material) and ties this information directly to the product record. Routing
revisions can be triggered from an Engineering Change, enabling automatic
restructure of routing information on a product revision or BOM update.
This module allows customers to capture all manufacturing steps and
procedures and leverages the Bill of Material (BOM) for quantity validation
to help minimize inventory issues. Users can capture detailed processing
times and costs for analyzing throughput and expenses. By linking to all
part data and documentation within Omnify, BOM Routing can display metadata
(specifications) and graphical depictions (documents) for each

-- Enhanced Training Management offers improved versioning, automation of
changes and resetting of training requirements, and training comprehension
to gauge user proficiency and training effectiveness. Empower PLM 4.5 now
includes a range of training reports and simplifies navigation to easily
identify training and user requirements. Integrated with Empower's new
email/alerting platform, users are automatically notified of pending and
overdue training requirements and events.

-- HelpDesk Module is a communication and collaboration portal designed
to capture and track the discussion trail around Omnify Objects such as
Changes/ECOs, Corrective Actions, Projects, etc. This module provides a
blogging environment for users to discuss decisions, capture feedback, and
provide data to internal and external resources. The HelpDesk includes a
"ticketing" feature that provides routing and employs closed-loop
strategies to address issues and build knowledge to help improve product

"The enhancements to the Training Module in Empower 4.5 have closed the gap on retention of training history and made it easier for highly regulated companies to maintain compliance," stated Curt Kienast, quality manager for Still River Systems. "The addition of the HelpDesk Module is a simple way to manage daily IT issues and frequently asked questions and allows us to capture some of the 'human element' that goes into product decisions."

Sep 28, 2009

MSC.Software & Phoenix Integration form Strategic Relationship

Adds Multidiscipline Trade Study and Optimization Capabilities to CAE Tools Portfolio with PHX ModelCenter® 9.0.

SANTA ANA, CA - MSC.Software today announced its strategic relationship with Phoenix Integration, a provider of software for engineering automation, integration, and design optimization. Through this agreement, MSC.Software will market and sell ModelCenter® by Phoenix Integration and its component technology, which quickly integrate and automate widely used CAE applications including Nastran, Patran, Adams, and many others. Ultimately this partnership can result in the seamless integration of industry-standard CAE platforms from within the PHX ModelCenter® interface.

“Our relationship formally combines MSC.Software’s finite element analysis, multibody dynamics, and other CAE solutions with Phoenix Integration’s complex design optimization technologies. The combination enables engineers in aerospace & defense, automotive, wind energy, packaged goods, and many other industries to design better, more robust products,” says Ted Pawela, Vice President of Marketing at MSC.Software.

The latest version of Phoenix Integration’s flagship software, PHX ModelCenter® 9.0 is set for general market release later this year. PHX ModelCenter 9.0 is scheduled to provide an easy-to-use visual environment for quick and easy integration of leading CAE platforms to perform multiple trade-off studies—parametric evaluations, design of experiments (DOE), response surface modeling (RSM), and optimization studies—and find the best design solutions efficiently and effectively. Automation of MSC.Software’s engineering analysis technologies in PHX ModelCenter® enables users to shorten design cycles, reduce design iterations, and expose downstream design problems earlier. The ability to inspect many designs and find then correct weaknesses earlier can save corporations millions of dollars and countless hours.

“We take great pride in our ability to maintain a prominent position in the conceptual design world. Our strategic relationship with MSC.Software represents an important next step of our growth. More and more of our users are looking to incorporate design optimization in their CAE processes. We’re excited to address this need through the collaboration of our technologies,” says Scott Woyak, Ph.D., President and CEO of Phoenix Integration.

AutoFormplus R1 features Real Pilot Modeling for Progressive Die Stamping

AutoForm Engineering GmbH, a supplier of software solutions for the sheet metal forming industry, has developed a new innovative function for progressive die stamping – AutoFormplus R1 provides a physical model for pilots. Pilots play an important role in progressive die stamping for strip positioning.

Metal stamping companies are faced with today's quickly changing and increasingly competitive market place, which demands a variety of innovative and high quality stamping products. At the same time, cost reduction and ever shorter delivery times are imperative. Progressive die stamping meets these requirements and is widely used in various industries, such as automotive, electronics and appliances.

Pilots play an important role in progressive die stamping – they fix the strip into an appropriate position and maintain control over the strip. In addition, they are essential for precise sheet positioning during toolclosing and drawing operations in transfer dies. In its constant efforts to provide users with the best solutions, AutoForm has developed a new physical model to simulate pilots. This model can realistically simulate the contact, separation, sliding and rotation of the sheet around the pilots. Pilots can be defined not only by their position but also by their dimensions, such as radius and height. This new function, already incorporated into AutoForm plus R1, brings a new level of accuracy to AutoForm users who work in the field of progressive die stamping.

Software Toolbox selected by Siemens AG to participate in Premium Add-on Program

CHARLOTTE, N.C - Software Toolbox® has been selected by Siemens AG to participate in its Premium Add-on Program. The program is designed to expand customer awareness of third-party industrial automation software solutions that can be used to enhance Siemens Simatic WinCC and WinCC flexible products.

“The Siemens catalog is the key product resource for sales, applications engineers and customers,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox Inc. “It’s where everyone goes to look for approved third-party products for use with Siemens software.”

To qualify for the Premium Add-on Program, products must be determined by Siemens to be important application- and sector-specific add-on products that supplement WinCC. Siemens conducts independent tests of the third-party software to ensure product compatibility with SIMATIC WinCC. Solution providers whose products pass all compatibility tests are invited to list their products in the Siemens Premium Add-ons for SIMATIC WinCC flexible and WinCC print and online catalogs.

As part of the program, Siemens product technical support accepts calls for listed products, connects customers with the solution partners and tracks the resolution of issues.

“The added level of assurance provided by Siemens is significant,” Weber said. “Since Siemens has focused a magnifying glass on all third-party products listed in its catalog, customers benefit from processes and procedures designed to handle any issue. This significantly lowers the customer risk for using an approved third-party product with SIMATIC WinCC flexible and WinCC.

Software Toolbox products listed in the Siemens catalog include TOP Server and TOP Server UCON. Both products are powered by Kepware automation communications technology through Software Toolbox’s 14-year partnership with Kepware.

SYCODE launches four high end proprietary file import plug-ins for AutoCAD

Panaji: SYCODE today launched high end file import plug-ins for AutoCAD which give AutoCAD the ability to read 2D data from Pro ENGINEER, NX, CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 proprietary fileformat

"SYCODE has several file import and export plug-ins to read 2D and 3D data from neutral formats like IGES, STEP, etc.”, explains Deelip Menezes, Founder and CEO of SYCODE. "With the release of these file import plug-ins for AutoCAD, SYCODE has entered the league of companies that provide data exchange solutions for high end proprietary formats.”

These proprietary 2D drawing file import plug-ins are just the tip of the iceberg. Development of proprietary 3D part/assembly file import and export plug-ins for AutoCAD and other CAD systems is in progress. Some products have reached the final testing stage and will be released shortly. With the addition of high end proprietary file format plug-ins to its existing wide range of neutral and open file format plug-ins, SYCODE is hoping to be a major global player in the field of Data Exchange and CAD interoperability.

The four file import plug-ins are:
1. Pro/ENGINEER 2D Import for AutoCAD
2. NX 2D Import for AutoCAD
3. CATIA V4 2D Import for AutoCAD
4. CATIA V5 2D Import for AutoCAD

These plug-ins are designed to work with AutoCAD 2000 through to 2010 (32 and 64 Bit). All the products are priced at $1495 each and are available as fully functional trials. Each product comes with an installer and detailed documentation in the form of a compiled HTML help file which contains a step-by-step tutorial to get the end user started in the shortest possible time.

Schott Systeme Showcases CAD/CAM to the Asian Market at the Asiamold exhibition

Guangzhou, China - German CAD/CAM software developer Schott Systeme have for the third consecutive year, used the Asiamold exhibition to showcase their latest CAD/CAM software release to some of Asia's leading mold makers. This years show also highlighted a significant increase in the number of Chinese companies both designing and producing their own products, as opposed to just manufacturing mold tools for 3rd parties.

Thus, with this years focus very much centering around cost effective design and machining, Schott Systeme were invited to host a one hour live presentation at the 'Design and Engineering' forum. Here attendees were given a glimpse of the very latest 3D conceptual design techniques, with Schott Systeme showing how initial concept sketches could be easily transformed into complex 3D prototypes, with a minimal amount of input from the designer. New innovations in mixed freeform solid, surface and mesh modelling also helped to highlight the ability to create core/cavity molds from a wide range of differing design data.

Seamless integration of high end machining was also high on the list of priorities, and here Schott Systeme showcased how their very latest 3 axis and 5 axis simultaneous machining techniques could be instantly applied to prototypes and molds, either constructed as solids, surfaces or mesh models. With an increasing number of CNC machine tools being delivered to Chinese mold makers, Schott Systeme's continued policy of providing machine post processors free of charge was also warmly welcomed.

MachineWorks to show toolpath generation for machining at EMO 2009

SHEFFIELD: MachineWorks Ltd will present and demonstrate it's latest addition to the range of MachineWorks’ component technologies; toolpath generation for machining at EMO 2009, Pavilion 9, Stand D03.

MachineWorks now offers the ability to compute 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis toolpaths in an environment closely coupled with its simulation and verification libraries. These toolpath generators are built with the same attention to geometric detail and accuracy that characterises our verification engines. They provide fast generation of guaranteed gouge-free toolpaths, within the specified tolerance. “We are really pleased with the seamless integration of our different technologies and now we are in a position to offer our customers a more complete range of solutions”, says Mike Nicholson, Sales & Marketing Director.

A Fidia controller displaying the dynamic simulation of milling paths will be also demonstrated on the MachineWorks stand. Fidia has integrated MachineWorks’ simulation kernel into their controllers, which will allow their customers to further optimise their production processes.

JETCAM to showcase latest releases at EMO 2009

JETCAM will be showcasing the latest release of its Expert CADCAM and nesting software alongside its new material management and application server suite at booth 18 – D29 at EMO in Milan from 5th through 10th October.

After 23 years of development, the latest version of JETCAM Expert will be presented, with new features such as remnant sheet management, more interfaces to CAD systems and further improvements to nesting efficiency.

JETCAM will again be offering companies a free nesting benchmark comparison, where they can compare the efficiency of JETCAM over their current nests. The results of this can often demonstrate a clear return on investment of months, without factoring other savings such as reductions in machine runtime or staff time.

The company will also be showcasing its forthcoming Material Life Management (MLM) module, the first to be used with JETCAM’s Application Server system. MLM can be used to track the movement of either rolls or sheets of material, such as composite or sheet metal, through the cutting process and onto the finished part. This is extremely important for companies where traceability is paramount.
JETCAM’s Application Server allows modules such as MLM to interact in real time with other modules, providing live data to all relevant staff/systems within the production process. This includes CAD, works orders lists, reporting and integration to legacy data systems such as MRP.

Maurizio Zinetti, Managing Director of Jetcam Italia srl, commented: “EMO offers us the chance to present our new products to the market. We want to offer to the customers the opportunity to increase their productivity, by investing in innovative software that will simplify and automate the process. Companies are concentrating now more than ever before on efficiency, and we feel that during this event JETCAM will suggest solutions for unique changes.”

The booth will be hosted by JETCAM ITALIA srl.

DP Technology to showcase ESPRIT 2010 at EMO 2009

The latest version of computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software created by CAM industry leader DP Technology will be on display Oct. 5-10 in Milan, Italy, where ESPRIT® 2010 will be featured at the European Machine Tool Exhibition, or EMO, 2009.

The biennial EMO, set to take place this year at the Fieramilano state-of-the-art exhibition center, is both a salute to the evolution of machining and a vehicle for a meeting of minds — specifically between end users and manufacturers. As a showcase for technical innovation, the show presents the latest groundbreaking technologies.

Knowledgeable and approachable representatives exhibiting ESPRIT 2010 at EMO will be happy to answer questions, perform demonstrations and discuss the new features in the software.

ESPRIT, which has undergone a major facelift as evidenced by the all-new user interface in the 2010 version, includes enhancements for all milling, turning and wire EDM cycles.

What's more, you can now view the simulation state at any point in the process. A new stock automation engine that calculates the stock model in the background makes simulation more efficient.

Including major upgrades to milling functions, ESPRIT 2010 features several new 3-axis milling cycles, new-and-improved 5-axis cycles, feature-based machining for all FreeForm cycles and the ability to define a third rotary axis for milling machines.

New knitted surfaces for parametric machining and advanced pocket feature recognition are also among milling upgrades, as well as associativity with CAD (computer-aided design) models.

Advances made to ESPRIT’s Wire EDM functions include a new cycle for 4-axis pocketing and new technology for EDM machines equipped with a rotary axis.

Upcoming version SolidCAM 2010 to be previewed at the EMO exhibition

SolidCAM will demonstrate a preview of the upcoming version SolidCAM 2010 at the EMO exhibition in Milano, Italy (Oct, 5 to 10 Hall 9, Booth A03).

SolidCAM 2010 supports 64 Bit computing, so that the calculation and simulation of large parts will be further accelerated. The new version contains a lot of enhancements for 2.5D Milling, including a “toolbox” that provides specialized solutions for frequently used operations in 2.5D Milling. Turning and Mill-Turn has been greatly enhanced in SolidCAM 2010 with new operations and new turning tool-table. The HSM and HSS modules have also new useful features. SolidCAM 2010 provides an interactive tool path editor that enables the manual editing of the tool path for better control.

Major enhancements have been added in the simultaneous 5-axis Machining module. Besides new sub operations for Electrode, Cavity and Turbine blade Machining, the new version features an automated 5-axis Drill operation, that accelerates the drilling of “Swiss cheese” type of parts. Mold makers, that have to drill hundreds of holes from various directions into their part, will benefit significantly by this new feature.

With the new version, SolidCAM will also introduce the new revolutionary cutting technology "iMachining". iMachining includes two cornerstones: Intelligent Morphing Spiral Toolpath for constant contact Machining and a Technology Wizard that drives the toolpath. By producing an optimal combination of toolpaths and cutting conditions, iMachining enables cutting through the material with much higher feed rates and larger cut depths. iMachining results in dramatically higher metal removal rates while prolonging tool life.

Wolfgang Mueller, Vice President Sales Europe, states: “The “Machine tool world exhibition” EMO is for us one of the most important trade shows in Europe, as it merges all elements of metal cutting like machine tools, cutter tools, components and CAD/CAM software under one roof. SolidCAM acts as the bridge between standard 3D design systems like SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor and the machine tools, that actually convert the 3D computer models into real parts. The timing for the EMO show is perfect, as after a deep recession the manufacturing industry is gaining momentum again and the leading economic indicators show signs of recovery in most of the European countries.”

DMG and Sescoi to demonstrate high speed 5-axis machining in China

A 2 day seminar event organized by DMG China and Sescoi has enabled the two companies to demonstrate the benefits of high speed 5-axis machining, as well as some techniques for automated 5-axis programming made possible by the WorkNC automatic CAM/CAD system’s innovative “Auto 5” module. Held at DMG’s Chinese machine tool showroom earlier this month, the companies welcomed a large number of senior engineers from leading national and private businesses in the moldmaking industry from the Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou and Kunshan regions.

Until now, 5-axis machining has not been widely adopted in China due to the perceived difficulty in implementing the technology and producing reliable cutterpaths. Its use in China has mainly been limited to 5-axis engraving and simple raster toolpaths. On the other hand, Sescoi’s WorkNC 5-axis technology has been widely adopted in many parts of the world. The WorkNC Auto 5 module greatly simplifies programming by allowing parts to be programmed in 3-axis and then automatically changing the paths to full 5-axis, bringing the generation of far more comprehensive toolpaths well within the capabilities of most companies.

Partipicants watched the machining of a mold cavity on a 5-axis DMG HSC 105 linear machine. This machine is capable of acceleration of up to 2g, thanks to its dynamic linear drives, and rapid feedrates of up to 90m/min resulting in 20% productivity improvements.

To maximize efficiency and take full advantage of the capabilities of the DMG, the WorkNC software considers the kinematics of the machine and its tools, avoiding collisions during the programming phase. Flip and rotate moves are automatically introduced when axis limits are reached, and toolpaths are altered where the cutter length is too short. The software also uses high speed machining techniques such as trochoidal machining, corner smoothing, and minimization of retract and feed-in movements to optimize the cutting conditions and shorten the machining time.

Users have control over how the automatic 3-axis to 5-axis conversion takes place, with nine strategies including normal to a surface, constant angle and guide surface to achieve the exact result required. Verification and collision checking takes place as the part is being programmed, ensuring that the finished cutterpath is completely reliable and that all areas of the cavity have been machined successfully and to a high quality.

Intelligence within WorkNC automatically selects machining parameters, so even the generation of the 3-axis paths ready for 5-axis machining is extremely simple, saving programming time, ensuring consistent results and making shop floor programming realistic and achievable.

The engineers attending the seminar in China could see that by using WorkNC to program the DMG they could realize its full potential, making best use of its high speed capabilities, increasing tool life, finishing mold cavities completely in one operation, and achieving far higher quality standards, all factors which will cut costs and delivery times and increase profit margins.

CPG appoints David Bartlett as Director of Agile PLM Practice

BOCA RATON, Fla - CPG announced today that it has named David Bartlett to serve as the company's Agile PLM Practice Director as part of its accelerated growth plan. CPG provides engineering, manufacturing and supply chain companies with Oracle systems, including eBusiness Suite (EBS), Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Demantra Demand Planning, CRM OnDemand, and Business Intelligence.

David Bartlett is an experienced Product Lifecycle Management consulting professional with over a decade of creating and managing professional services. Bartlett comes to CPG from Domain Systems, where he created strategy, deployment methodology, and solution offerings for a global PLM customer base. With both onshore and offshore software development teams, Mr. Bartlett has managed a highly skilled collection of consulting resources with experience in handling SMB and Enterprise global PLM deployments.

Founded in 1997, CPG provides Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain companies with consulting services around Oracle applications. CPG has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, including key customer wins and an accelerated growth plan, including the 2008 appointment of James Daleen as Chief Executive Officer.

"I am delighted to join the CPG team," said David Bartlett. "CPG's continued investment into PLM and my coming aboard is a natural evolution in CPG's growth plan. I will be applying my experience in enterprise PLM to help CPG take this practice to the highest possible level. I feel honored to be part of CPG's next chapter."

Mr. Bartlett brings more than 13 years experience in the high tech industry, with knowledge spanning multiple sectors. Starting his career as a senior design engineer for circuit boards, he moved into the medical device and government sectors to manage CAD applications for Sparton Electronics. Additionally, Bartlett served as an M1A1 Tanker in the United States Marine Corps.

GibbsCAM & Willemin-Macodel to Demonstrate Live Manufacture of Cervical Plate at EMO

Advanced MTM (Multi-Task Machining) and 5-Axis Capabilities on Components of a Medical Implant.

MOORPARK, California - Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT) has announced that it will partner with Machine Tool Vendor Willemin-Macodel to demonstrate 5-Axis and Multi-Task machining of sophisticated medical parts live at EMO, using its GibbsCAM product.

GibbsCAM will program two separate components of a part for the medical industry on a Willemin-Macodel MTM (Multi-Task-Machining) machine in the Willemin-Macodel booth (Hall 7, Booth G16/H13). Additionally, GibbsCAM 2009 will be displayed in Cimatron Group's booth (Hall 9, Booth (A10/A12) and in the booths of other machine tool vendors.

Willemin-Macodel will be using the 508MT 5-Axis MTM (Multi Task Machining) machine, with two spindles, to cut a cervical plate and bone screw together in the same production cycle. A cervical plate is a type of medical implant used to hold the vertebrae in alignment during the process of bone fusion.

The cuttings will demonstrate the high speed capabilities of this machine as well as the high accuracy that is required for complex medical parts.

GibbsCAM's advanced MTM (Multi Task Machining) capabilities will be used for milling and turning of one of the parts, thus taking advantage of the machine's most sophisticated capabilities. The machine will employ a bar feed mechanism and will automatically transfer the part from one station to the next.

GibbsCAM is one of the few solutions on the market with the advanced technology necessary to use MTM machines to their full capacity and offers one of the widest selections of post processors on the market for MTM machines.

While programming the cutting, GibbsCAM provides automatic recognition of holes (which decreases programming time), automatic stock recognition (which avoids unnecessary air cutting and increases tool life and machine life) and accurate machine simulation. Another key component is a unique post processor for the machine which fully utilizes the machine's capabilities.

"GibbsCAM's software, with it's ability to harness the full power of MTM machines, is strongly suited to manufacturing in the medical industry", said Robb Weinstein, Gibbs' Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Planning. "In the current financial climate, many manufacturers are widening their operations in order to cater to the medical industry, which has been less affected by the global downturn. We are pleased to show that GibbsCAM is equipped to provide impressive results in the medical industry, as it does in every other manufacturing industry."

GibbsCAM's collaboration with Machine Vendors has been facilitated by Italian Cimatron Group subsidiary Microsystem and Productec, GibbsCAM distributor for Switzerland and France. EMO will take place in Milan starting October 5th.

Sep 24, 2009

Siemens PLM Software Delivers Parasolid Version 22

PLANO, Texas - Siemens PLM Software today announced the availability of Parasolid® Version 22.0 (V22) software, the latest release of its PLM industry-leading 3D geometric modeling component software.

Parasolid V22 delivers a wide variety of powerful modeling enhancements building on the robust and extensive functionality relied upon by many of the world’s leading PLM software companies. These new capabilities have been specifically designed to boost the productivity of application software developers working on some of the most advanced PLM end-user products on the market. Several enhancements have been added in a variety of areas.

* A new capability allows an application calling Parasolid to replace some faces of a body with a sheet while simultaneously performing other complex model edits such as face transformation or re-blend. For example, an edit can change the shape of a cut-out while simultaneously moving an adjacent face.
* A callback function has been added to the face edit and hollowing functions to provide control to the application calling Parasolid in situations where there are multiple possible solutions to complex modeling operations. The callback notifies the application of areas of the model where there are multiple solutions so it can choose the one that best suits the user’s expectations.
* Re-blending has been enhanced to cover more classes of imported data. This increases the ability to simplify a chain of blends into a more consistent and usable form when creating robust models from imported data. This enhancement also enables more changes to be made to the underlying topology of certain blend configurations, giving a better result without end-user intervention.
* Three-face blending controls and coverage is extended to match that available in face-to-face blending, with the addition of advanced capping and trimming capabilities. This enhancement boosts the success rate of highly complicated operations and improves end-user productivity. For example, when end-users want to perform blend operations on large models without consideration for the complex blend configurations that already exist or that may be created.
* Operations have been added to support advanced non-manifold modeling, used extensively in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications. Boolean operations can now be performed on wire bodies and the API provides tools to identify and control the merging of redundant topology as well as managing the precision of non-manifold edges. Inquiry and optimization tools have also been enhanced and substantial improvements have been made to neutral sheet trimming for CAE analysis work.

“The PLM market move towards highly intuitive modeling paradigms represents an amazing challenge to application developers – that of making immensely complex operations appear quick and easy to perform,” said Joan Hirsch, vice president of Product Design Solutions, Siemens PLM Software. “Parasolid V22 offers another step forward in modeling sophistication and developer productivity for our most-demanding customers, along with the assurance of the robust high performance they have come to expect from the world’s foremost modeling kernel.”

In addition to Parasolid V22, Siemens PLM Software is simultaneously releasing the latest version of Parasolid Bodyshop, an add-on component that validates and optimizes the integrity and reliability of imported data using model healing and repair technology. Parasolid Bodyshop V13 features extensive model optimization enhancements which can be evaluated via plug-ins provided for the Parasolid Workshop prototyping environment.

Nemetschek North America Releases D-Cubed 2D DCM from Siemens PLM Software in Vectorworks

2D DCM Geometric Constraint Solving Strengthens Parametric Design and Building Information Modeling Functionality.

PLANO, Texas – Siemens PLM Software and Nemetschek North America today announced the release of Siemens PLM Software’s D-Cubed™ 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM) component in Nemetschek’s Vectorworks® 2010 design software.

The 2D DCM has been integrated in Vectorworks 2010 to improve the computation of architectural layouts by solving geometric constraints that are inferred from the high-level design requirements of the user. The end result is a highly intuitive associative design experience with improved performance and behavior, which enhances the creation of intelligent models in support of Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows.

“Licensing the 2D DCM for Vectorworks 2010 extends our relationship with Siemens PLM Software, who also supplies the Parasolid® modeling kernel that we introduced in our previous release,” said Sean Flaherty, chief executive officer of Nemetschek North America. “The 2D DCM was the clear choice for a geometric constraint solving platform, offering excellent value, maximum credibility and minimum risk to support the rapid ongoing development of our innovative BIM capabilities. This successful partnership has strengthened our commitment to providing our customers with a superior design experience through sourcing the best available core technologies.”

Nemetschek North America is the latest in a growing number of vendors in AEC plant and structural design markets to license geometric modeling and parametric design components from Siemens PLM Software, the same components that have historically been key elements in many of the world’s best known mechanical CAD applications.

“Universally acknowledged as the leading solution in its field, the 2D DCM has evolved into a multipurpose parametric design component through its broad application in mechanical CAD over many years and from its more recent deployments in AEC,” said Joan Hirsch, vice president of Product Design Solutions, Siemens PLM Software. “With this new release, Nemetschek North America is providing architectural professionals with best-in-class associative design tools built on a proven foundation.”

Delcam establishes California office

Jerry Sanders has joined Delcam along with all his VIZION staff.

Delcam has established an office in California following its acquisition of the assets and goodwill of its reseller VIZION Technologies. All of the VIZION staff will become direct employees to ensure continuity of service to the many users of Delcam software in the state.

VIZION was founded in 1998 by Jerry Sanders to sell and support the Delcam products in the western USA. He was joined by Sheila Cullers in May 2000 to develop further the sales in the region. The company has built up a customer base of hundreds of clients, including internationally-known names in the aerospace, mould and die, medical, dental, consumer products, athletic shoes and sports equipment industries.

Commenting on the decision to move to a direct office, Delcam Managing Director Clive Martell said, "VIZION’s staff have enjoyed considerable success in building up and supporting a large and diverse customer base for Delcam’s products. To expand the organization and achieve even more business in the state, we felt that considerable investment was needed.”

"California is regularly reported to have an economy equal to many of the world’s leading industrial nations,” he continued. "It is particularly strong in areas such as the aerospace, healthcare and energy industries, which are all sectors where Delcam is keen to expand its business. I am very pleased that all the VIZION staff have decided to join the Delcam organization and so give us a very firm foundation to support our expansion plans.”

Jerry Sanders was confident that the change in status would benefit his customers. "All of us at VIZION are extremely excited about the opportunities that will come from our closer relationship with Delcam,” he said. "As part of the world’s leading specialist CAM company, we will be able to provide our loyal customers with even stronger support.”

He was also keen to stress the continuity that will be maintained for his clients. "Our team will continue to work out of our Pasadena office as Delcam plans its expansion on the West Coast,” he stated. "Our customers will still call the same numbers and still talk to the same people for all their sales and support needs.”

GE extends multi-million dollar contract with Mahindra Satyam for the next 3 years

Hyderabad: Mahindra Satyam announced today that it has received an extension of its multi-million dollar contract with GE for next three years effective January 1, 2010.

GE, which is among the top 5 customers of Mahindra Satyam for over a decade now, is being supported in the specialized areas of Application Development Maintenance, Business Intelligence and engineering services. GE has signed a similar contract with 11 other vendors also.

"GE recognizes the support extended over the years by Mahindra Satyam, and their commitment to delivery excellence, even during trying times." said Steve Morrison, GDC Leader of GE.

Arvind Malhotra, global account executive of Mahindra Satyam said, "This extension is a testimony to the commitment our associates have demonstrated and truly symbolizes the value we have been able to add through our services."

QuickPen Introduces Rapid Reports for AutoBid® SheetMetal

Scottsdale - QuickPen today announced the release of Rapid Reports, a new feature in AutoBid SheetMetal 2009 v2, QuickPen's HVAC estimating software. Rapid Reports allows HVAC and sheet metal estimators to quickly produce a final estimate using a single Microsoft® Excel® workbook that contains duct/fitting and labor costs. Using the Rapid Reports feature eliminates data entry steps, speeding up report creation and improving accuracy.

The announcement was made here today at the QuickPen 2009 Educational User Conference, a hands-on training event for QuickPen customers featuring more than 50 sessions from product and industry experts.

In today's highly competitive construction marketplace, HVAC and sheet metal estimators are being asked to produce more bids in less time. Rapid Reports for AutoBid SheetMetal helps estimators generate bids much more quickly to achieve the high bid volumes necessary to win jobs in the current competitive bidding climate. Rapid Reports makes it much easier to analyze and manage bids by bringing all estimate data together on one screen, with all General & Administrative costs, subcontractors, and material quotes in one Excel workbook.

Rapid Reports is a fully integrated, customizable Microsoft Excel worksheet that utilizes the powerful pivot table functionality of Excel to let estimators view data in detail or summary format for a project estimate. Users can filter data and/or easily add additional available information to view the exact bid information they want to see. With the summary data provided by Rapid Reports, customers can review and modify their productivity in units they already use such as pounds per hour, pieces per hour, or feet per hour. Rapid Reports allows estimators to view an estimate broken down by more than twenty categories and provides raw calculation data in XML format for easy export to virtually any other Windows application.

"High bid volumes are absolutely critical to success in our current construction environment," said Stacy Zerr, QuickPen's Director of Product Management. "Rapid Reports gives HVAC and sheet metal estimators the ability to go from TakeOff to final bid far more quickly and accurately than conventional reporting methods. The Rapid Reports pivot table lets estimators break down project costs instantly in any way they want, enabling companies to bid more competitively and more profitably as well as highlight potential trouble spots in a bid."

Other new features in AutoBid SheetMetal 2009 v2 include the addition of several new settings options in the New Project Wizard, the ability to import multiple drawings into On-Screen View TakeOff, faster On-Screen View TakeOff, and faster takeoff of similar systems due to enhanced repeat capabilities in both Graphical and On-Screen View Takeoff.

COADE Releases CADWorx Equipment 2010 for Plant Design

HOUSTON : COADE announced today the release of CADWorx Equipment 2010, part of the COADE CADWorx Plant Design Suite, with support for AutoCAD 2010 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions plus new capabilities such as an ANSI flange look-up table for body flange components and a new insulation feature.

Other new features in COADE CADWorx Plant Design Suite 2010 include enhancements in CADWorx Plant Professional such as a new pipe support modeler for user-defined intelligent pipe supports, an ISOGEN Version 9.3 update, several new steel shapes, and a new feature that allows you to create a steel model from external live database information.

New capabilities in CADWorx P&ID Professional for producing process and instrumentation diagrams include tools to selectively match values of database columns from components selected and tools to select database values inherited from the process line during component selection.

Autodesk and Parallels Team to Support Mac Virtualization

Mac Virtualization for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Autodesk Inventor Professional, 3ds Max and Revit Software.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif - Autodesk, Inc announced that they have signed an agreement to make Parallels Desktop for Mac Autodesk's preferred Mac virtualization software.

Autodesk will now support use of AutoCAD software, AutoCAD LT software, Autodesk Inventor Professional software, Autodesk 3ds Max software, Autodesk 3ds Max Design software and the Autodesk Revit software platform for building information modeling (BIM) on Mac OS X via Parallels Desktop. Autodesk added official support for these products on the Mac via Boot Camp earlier this year.

"Autodesk customers are increasingly working with both Mac and Windows, and have asked us to support Mac virtualization," said Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk chief marketing officer. "Today we are pleased to welcome Parallels as a partner and Parallels Desktop as our preferred Mac virtualization software. This is the latest step in Autodesk's ongoing efforts to support our customers on the Mac, who will now be able to use some of our most popular 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software alongside Mac OS X, in addition to the five native Mac applications we currently offer."

"Parallels Desktop for Mac enables over two million users to run Windows-based applications seamlessly and simply on their Mac," said Serguei Beloussov, chief executive officer of Parallels. "Autodesk has a long history of creating innovative and industry-leading software for design, engineering and entertainment, and we've heard many requests from customers interested in using their Autodesk applications with Parallels. We are delighted to partner with Autodesk to help make this software more broadly available to the Mac community."

With the launch of the Autodesk Alias family of software for Mac OS X earlier this year, Autodesk now offers six native Mac OS X applications for the entertainment, multimedia and design industries, including Autodesk SketchBook Pro, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox and Autodesk Stitcher Unlimited software.

ANSYS Listed on Software 500 for Third Consecutive Year

SOUTHPOINTE, Pa - ANSYS, Inc today announced that it is ranked in the top 100 on Software Magazine’s Software 500 ranking of the world’s largest software and service providers. ANSYS was ranked 99th overall and second in its category, engineering software. This is the third consecutive year that ANSYS has made the list.

The Software 500, which is marking its 27th year, is a revenue-based ranking of the world’s largest software and services suppliers, both public and private. As a quick list of vendor viability, the ranking is designed to help CIOs, senior IT managers and IT staff research and create a short list of business partners.

Overall, the 2009 report stated that revenue growth in the software and services industry was healthy, with total Software 500 revenue of $491.3 billion worldwide for 2008, representing 8.8 percent growth from the previous year.

Total ANSYS revenue for this year’s listing was $478.3 million, a 24.1 percent growth over last year’s Software 500 ranking. In a year when the average R&D spending at companies that made the list was 10.4 percent, ANSYS re-invested 15.0 percent of its revenue in development. “R&D spending as a percentage of revenue is an important indicator of whether a software company is investing in the future and making life easier for its customer,” the article stated. “When well-established companies are contributing a healthy percentage it’s a strong indicator of commitment to keeping pace with technology.”

“Commitment is at the heart of what we’ve done since our inception, working to put advanced engineering simulation tools within reach of all who need them,” said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS, Inc. “It is gratifying to receive this honor, which we view as a validation of our ongoing mission to democratize the use of engineering simulation and to continue to be a leader in technology and innovation within the global software ecosystem.”

The Software 500 ranking is based on total worldwide software and services revenue for 2008 rather than their total corporate revenue, since many have other lines of business. The financial information was gathered by a survey prepared by King Content Co.

Delcam CRISPIN to show complete footwear CADCAM in Casablanca

Delcam CRISPIN will demonstrate the world’s only complete CADCAM system for the design and manufacture of footwear at the Marocuir exhibition to be held in Casablanca from 8th to 10th October. The company is the only supplier able to provide both design and manufacturing software for lasts, uppers and soles. This comprehensive software range is a major contributor to Delcam CRISPIN’s position as the world’s leading supplier of CADCAM solutions to footwear manufacturers.

New and improved versions of the software will be on show for each stage of the product development process. For example, the latest release of the ShoeDesign module has a new interface, simplifying the design of upper components by sketching onto the surface of the last. The components can be defined in any colour and in a variety of textures representing different materials. Buckles, laces and other accessories can be added to complete the design.

Once the virtual 3D design has been approved, the upper components are flattened and engineered in the 2D Engineer software to produce samples or graded manufacturing patterns. Again, recent developments have seen these modules made faster and easier to use.

A more recent addition to the range is TechPac – a 2D system to generate technical packages for footwear designers to supply to their manufacturing partners. TechPac allows designers to specify the manufacturing processes to be used and the sequences of operations to be followed at all stages of the production of the shoe. It helps ensure that the design is produced exactly as specified and to the required delivery schedule.

The system is supplied with pre-defined templates to specify the path for the flow of manufacturing data during production. These templates can be modified by the user to cover any specific requirements of the design and manufacturing companies, or of the particular project. 2D part geometry, models and images can be imported into the documentation from the full range of Delcam CRISPIN software.

Using Delcam CRISPIN’s software to automate routine procedures increases consistency and reduces the possibility of mistakes throughout the development process. In particular, accurate grading of last, sole, tread pattern and heel gives perfectly matched components, thus easing assembly and finishing operations, and reducing failures in use.

Oracle Announces New Release of Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process

Miami, FL – Oracle today unveiled it's Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process (PLM) 6.0. This includes integrated formula and label development, embedded compliance and traceability tools and out-of-the-box solutions and services for the food and beverage industry.

The new release helps customers in today’s demanding and fast paced food and beverage industry drive profitable innovations, ensure product quality, compliance and traceability, lower costs and improve productivity across the entire product lifecycle.

Agile PLM for Process 6.0 is the latest milestone for Oracle’s “Applications Unlimited” program.

Enhancements and new capabilities in Agile PLM for Process 6.0 help customers navigate and comply with rapidly changing regulations in the food and beverage industry. With Agile PLM for Process 6.0, customers can now:

Enable product traceability and regulatory compliance:

Improved Computer-Aided Compliance Screening Tool: Simultaneously analyzes recipes for compliance against multiple government regulations and market-driven constraints in real-time. The enhancements also help break down the barriers between recipe design teams and quality and compliance groups, speeding time to market and ensuring compliance.

Impact Analysis and Change Management Dashboard: Identifies and traces products affected by recipe or packaging changes and initiates change management processes across all relevant products, balancing the need for governance and traceability with the need to react quickly to changes. This helps minimize errors and increase productivity, while also enabling customers to manage complex inter-related product hierarchies with easy to use tools.

Integrated Label Claims Determination Tools: Analyze products to determine if certain label claims are valid across multiple regulatory rule sets. Increased automation in claims determination processes reduces risk of error, reduces cycles between R&D and regulatory, and can help identify additional opportunities for marketing.

Improved Supplier Collaboration and Compliance: Electronic signatures and an expanded supplier self service portal that includes supplier-initiated product change requests and support for finished goods collaboration for co-pack and private label business scenarios.

Integrate formula and label development:
Enhanced Formula Commercialization Tools: Enable and streamline the evolution of bench formulas into commercialized recipes.

Improved Label Development Tools: Dynamically generate label nutrition, ingredient statements and other technical label data directly from recipes for multiple markets, regions and countries.

Achieve rapid deployment and adoption:

Standardized Out-of-the-Box Industry Data Model and Processes: Accelerates time to value and promotes best practices.

New User Interface Controls: Improves user adoption by providing drag and drop, type-ahead search, in-line table editing, powerful querying tools and more streamlined navigation.

Exposed PLM Backbone: Helps improve deployment time by quickly integrating unique customer needs through the easily accessible SOA layer.

Extensibility Points: Extends application functionality such as eventing, security, validation and calculation logic through pre-built extension points.

"Oracle has been a great partner and has worked with us extensively to understand both our strategic goals and our day-to-day processes,” said Tyson Foods, Inc. Craig Bacon, Senior Vice President of Research and Development. “We have seen tremendous benefit to date using Oracle's PLM for Process solution including an improvement in our time to market of over 50 percent. We anticipate even greater benefit with this release as it will help us better manage our product complexity and provide important new capabilities that will allow for efficient and deep collaboration with our suppliers."

“Process manufacturers face a demanding and highly volatile business environment that presents unique challenges when managing a product’s lifecycle,” said IDC Practice Director, Supply Chain Strategies, Simon Ellis. “As a consequence of the critical focus on effective innovation, along with mounting regulatory and compliance challenges, organizations need tools that can help them mitigate risks while also facilitating best practices across the entire product lifecycle. Agile has a strong heritage in PLM and Oracle is extending its leadership by investing in innovations that address specific market needs.”
“PLM is now a strategic tool for process manufacturers as they seek to mitigate risks, improve productivity and drive profitable innovations,” said Oracle Vice President, PLM Product Strategy Hardeep Gulati. “With this release, Oracle is able to offer customers the most complete food and beverage PLM capability in the market today. This further extends our Enterprise-class PLM offerings by providing the food and beverage industry with what they need, out-of-the-box, all delivered within a scalable PLM framework.”

General Availability
Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process 6.0 is currently available.

Sep 23, 2009

The MathWorks Updates Simulink Control Design With Improved PID Tuning Features

New Capabilities Include Simplified Design and Tuning of PID Controllers.

NATICK, Mass: The MathWorks today announced the availability of Simulink Control Design 3.0, equipped with new features that automate the process of tuning proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. These features are being released along with new PID Controller blocks in Simulink.

Engineers can use these blocks to quickly create PID controllers, select PID structure, include integrator anti-windup logic, convert from continuous-time to discrete-time domain, and prepare the controller for implementation on a processor using fixed-point arithmetic.

A new tuning algorithm in Simulink Control Design 3.0 automatically calculates PID controller gains based on desired phase margin and system bandwidth. A new user interface supports visual tuning of PID controllers for all types of plant models, without requiring expert knowledge of control theory. The resulting design can then be verified through simulation in Simulink, which reduces the amount of time needed for tuning and testing on expensive hardware prototypes. Engineers can then use Real-Time Workshop to automatically generate code for implementation on target microcontrollers.

Additional new features in Simulink Control Design 3.0 include:

• New functionality for advanced linear analysis. Users can now compute the frequency response of Simulink models using simulation. This helps engineers more easily linearize Simulink models that have strong discontinuities or event-based dynamics, with no model modification required.

• Ability to specify custom linearization for Simulink blocks and subsystems. Engineers can, for example, mark a Gain block as uncertain and linearize the model to create a corresponding uncertain system. Using Robust Control Toolbox with this system, users can then design a controller that meets stability and performance requirements in the presence of uncertainty.

Pricing and Availability

Simulink Control Design is immediately available for Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Macintosh platforms. U.S. list prices start at US$1,000.

Altair ProductDesign's Crashworthiness Expertise Emphasized by smart fortwo Crash Test Performance

TROY, Mich – Altair Engineering, Inc announced today that Altair ProductDesign has successfully collaborated with Daimler to achieve crashworthiness performance targets on the smart fortwo passenger vehicle through the joint development of the car’s multiple safety systems. Following the successful release of the new generation of the smart fortwo in Europe 2007, the latest published results from NHTSA and IIHS show that this small premium vehicle also passed the US ratings with outstanding results.

Altair ProductDesign was chosen as a development partner for external crash, occupant safety, stiffness and durability. Within a project structure consisting of smart, Altair ProductDesign and a partner for physical testing, Altair assisted in the development of the body-in-white structure, closures and internal safety systems (e.g. seat belts, airbags etc.) to achieve compliance with regulations and ratings for two vehicle variants (Coupê and Convertible).

“Our team is very proud of our contribution to the outstanding performance that smart has delivered,” said Dr Lars Fredriksson, Operations Director Altair ProductDesign Germany. “This project is a demonstration of our unique simulation driven vision for product development which combines our expertise and technology in a creative environment.”

In order to handle variants and load cases in modern vehicle development within required costs and time limits, Altair ProductDesign utilized a very high level of process automation, process optimization and data management throughout the project. This approach allowed, on average, an unprecedented fifty crashworthiness CAE assessments to be performed each week.

3DVIA Introduces 3D App for the iPhone

Paris - Dassault Systèmes today announced the launch of 3DVIA Mobile, an iPhone and iPod touch application that allows users to search, share and interact with the growing library of high quality 3D models on it's website.

The addition of 3DVIA Mobile brings 3DVIA, a powerful platform for delivering unique, online 3D experiences, directly into the hands of a fast growing community of mobile users. iPhone users who register at 3DVIA.com may quickly search thousands of high quality models posted by the 120,000 members of the 3DVIA.com community and 3DVIA’s premium content partners. With just the touch of a finger, 3DVIA Mobile users may select, spin, pan, zoom and inspect 3D models in real time.

3DVIA Mobile further enables iPhone users to enhance, or “augment,” photographs with highly realistic 3D models from 3DVIA.com. In a simple use case, imagine a home decorator or student wishing to refurnish her room. With 3DVIA Mobile, this user can use her iPhone to take a snapshot of her room, search 3DVIA.com for furniture ideas and overlay 3D models on her photograph to get an idea of what her room could look like. She could then e-mail the saved image to friends and colleagues.

“At 3DVIA, our goal is to make it easy for people to tap into the power of 3D as a communication medium,” said Lynne Wilson, CEO, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes. “With 3DVIA Mobile, users can find cool, realistic 3D content from our library and immediately enrich their photos, right on the iPhone. They download and position the model on a picture for an instant 3D mash-up that blends 3D digital data with the physical world. It’s both fun and viral because people like and want to share their creations.”

As 3DVIA’s content library continues to expand, and its current 120,000 registered user community grows, 3DVIA Mobile will further evolve as a professional collaboration platform.

3DVIA Mobile will be demonstrated at the Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference, October 6-7, in Orlando, Florida.

3DVIA Mobile can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99 USD, but is being offered free of charge for a limited time starting today.

Geometric to display CAMWorks for 5axis machining at SouthTec 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona: Geometric Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Geometric Limited, will showcase CAMWorks® at Booth # 17052 at SouthTec 2009 from October 6 8, 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

CAMWorks 2009 has over 100 user driven features and enhancements, to enable users to program parts faster and more easily. In addition, it provides a significant number of new machining options to further strengthen CAMWorks' existing manufacturing capabilities. Certified CAMWorks technicians will demonstrate 5 axis machining related functionalities, and show videos highlighting the various features executed on machine parts by using 5axis machining, at the event.

"Our focus will be to explain users how CAMWorks can improve productivity using the latest technologies and machining strategies to gain a competitive edge during the postrecession period" Channel Sales Manager ­ Donnie Dorsey, Geometric Technologies Inc.

SouthTec Advanced Productivity Exposition is the largest machine tool and manufacturing event dedicated to machine tool and metalworking technologies industries in southern USA. The event is represented by several key industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, military, and recreational vehicles.

solidThinking to Showcase Latest Software, Discuss New Challenges and Opportunities for Product Design at IDSA International Conference

TROY, Mich – solidThinking, Inc. will demonstrate the expansive capabilities and features of its newest software products, solidThinking 8.0 and solidThinking 8.0 Inspired™, as a sponsor of the 2009 Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) International Conference. The conference, themed Project Infusion, will be held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in Miami, Sept. 23-26.

solidThinking will share with booth visitors its new technology, morphogenesis™, which draws on the principles of biomimicry to allow designers and architects to experiment with form generation while exploring and developing their designs. morphogenesis is a key feature in the premiere release of solidThinking 8.0 Inspired, which mimics processes and physical laws in nature to help designers and architects generate forms and structures in response to environmental conditions and to leverage the results to stimulate their designs.

“solidThinking seeks to empower the design community with tools that will maximize creativity and design intuition,” said Alex Mazzardo, vice president of product strategy and marketing for solidThinking. “The annual IDSA conference provides the ideal international setting for thought leaders to bring to market fresh ideas and design concepts, and we’re particularly gratified to share the new and extensive capabilities of our recently launched software with the community.”

The 3D design/styling tools will be displayed at booths 1 and 2. solidThinking President Robert Little, and Vice President of Product Development James Dagg will present the conference breakout session, titled, “Human Thinking and Computational Inspiration, New Challenges and Opportunities for Product Design,” on Saturday, Sept. 26, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in room Poinciana 2. The presentation’s corresponding white paper, “Computational Inspiration for Product Design” can be requested at www.solidthinking.com/morphogenesis and is also printed in the 2009 Conference Proceedings for show attendees.

“The relationship between designers, technology and the engineers who work together on the product development lifecycle is one that is constantly evolving,” Little said. “We’ll explore the impact that design technology may have in the future on accelerating the product development lifecycle and how it can be used even more strategically during the innovation process, helping develop smarter products faster and giving designers more design options than ever before.”

solidThinking’s NURBS-based 3D conceptual design software inspires innovation in industrial designers through a number of new features, including progressive rendering; new 3D manipulators for translation, scaling and rotation; a restyled user interface; a new materials library; high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) capabilities; and more. It embodies all of the features that customers use and love, including its best-in-class Construction Tree™ technology that allows designers to experiment with designs in real time without having to start from scratch when they change their minds, high-quality photorealistic imaging capabilities for realistic design visualization and more. solidThinking is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with leading computer-aided design manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) software, encouraging improved collaboration between industrial designers and engineers during the product development cycle.

The IDSA International Conference is held annually for domestic and international attendees across diverse disciplines to exchange ideas, opinions and insights on the future of industrial design.