Feb 10, 2009

PROCESS S.P.A. Upgrades Its Design Technology with PTC CoCreate

Woodworking Machinery Supplier to IKEA Vastly Improves Time-to-Market with Explicit Modeling

NEEDHAM, Mass- PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), The Product Development Company®, today announced that PROCESS S.P.A., a woodworking machinery specialist based in Italy, has standardized on PTC CoCreate explicit modeling and data management software for product development. After conducting a recent benchmark to find the 3D CAD software that would best meet its time-to-market product delivery objectives. PROCESS selected CoCreate Modeling™, to help improve speed and client responsiveness, and CoCreate Model Manager™ to ensure efficient data management and successful concurrent engineering.

With a record 70 billion Euro in sales revenue from it products, fast-growing PROCESS faced mounting business challenges such as flexibility in the design process, speed in product development and the need to be extremely fast-to-market. As a lead supplier of world famous IKEA®, PROCESS sought the best solution to meet the demanding time-to-market deadlines set by the home furnishings giant. The innovative, high-quality woodworking machinery PROCESS designs and produces is integral to the successful marketing strategy of its popular global customer.

Benchmarking against Autodesk® Inventor® which was already in use, PROCESS found that the explicit modeling software from PTC provides the desired flexibility to make changes throughout the entire design process. The lightweight, easy-to-use solution helped Process to quickly optimize its product development process from concept through to production. As a result, PROCESS has gained and secured the necessary competitive advantage it sought for product development.

Additionally, PROCESS is using CoCreate Modeling, to quickly design new products while incorporating customer feedback throughout the project. The explicit modeling software is valued for its ease-of-use and because ideas can be very easily integrated into the virtual prototype by any designer at any time. Work is passed among the design team to keep up with project demand. These factors help bring products to market faster and provide a greater level of transparency for the client throughout the project. PROCESS also uses CoCreate Model Manager to manage its CoCreate data and projects. Using CoCreate Model Manager, designers access only the right version of the model for modification and further development, reducing errors and increasing process efficiency.

"PTC CoCreate, with its explicit modeling approach to 3D design, helps us meet our customer commitment of providing highly innovative, flexible, best-in-class machinery," said Massimo Mescoli, managing director of PROCESS. "With CoCreate, we can continually adapt new ideas and information in our digital prototype at any stage during development, while achieving incredible speed in design, from concept to production."

"We are pleased that PTC CoCreate is a determining factor supporting the dynamic growth of this flourishing industry leader," said Martin Neumueller, CoCreate product management director at PTC. "The PROCESS design strategy is executed optimally with CoCreate, ensuring that PROCESS stays well ahead of the competition to supply its premier customers worldwide."