Feb 19, 2009

ESPRIT CAM creator DP Technology completes expansion of corporate headquarters

Having recently completed the remodeling and expansion of its corporate headquarters, computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) industry leader DP Technology, maker of ESPRIT®, is now in a position to better serve both customers and staff.

"We hope to unleash more creativity and increase productivity with a more open environment, with lots of windows ands open spaces for impromptu gatherings," DP President Paul Ricard said of the intended effect of the remodel on the work environment.

Increased open space was one of the primary goals for the remodeled site — located in Ventura County, about 50 miles north of Los Angeles — which offers triple the amount of space devoted to DP's research and development department, as well as more than double the previous amount of space once devoted to customer training. The increased training space, in the form of two state-of-the art training rooms, is ideal for group training classes, meetings and presentations.

"State-of-the-art technology, especially in our customer training rooms, leads to a more pleasant learning environment," Ricard said.

With the acquisition of an adjoining structure, the original 12,000 square-foot building that had served as DP's headquarters since 1989 underwent a complete reconstruction and was expanded to just under 20,000 square feet. The massive overhaul included the reconstruction of all of the interior of the two adjoining buildings, resulting in a 70 percent increase in overall office space to create a more efficient and spacious working environment.

"We started off with the basic concept that form was to follow function and we were not going to make compromises in this area," said Bill Haas, a 12-year DP employee who retired as chief financial officer last spring — but not before taking on the remodeling and expansion project, about which he was quite passionate.

Efforts to make the construction process "as green as possible," as well as to decrease energy use over time, included the use of 100-percent recycled porcelain tile and the insulation of all internal walls. Additional measures included the installation of electronic dampers in the air conditioning and heating system, waterless urinals and highly efficient non-traditional instant hot water heaters.

"We focused on making our facilities more environmentally friendly, with many energy-conservation features and the use of recyclable and recycled materials," Ricard said.

Over the past two years, DP has expanded sales and support operations within and outside the United States. With new offices and increased sales and support in China and Europe, as well as expanded offices in Japan, the need for an overhaul of corporate headquarters became ever more apparent.

Designed by Pittman Group Architects of Camarillo, Calif., the project's principal architect, and with construction by FrontRunner Enterprises of Camarillo, Calif., the overall result is an environment that provides more spacious, thoughtfully configured work stations, roomy walkways, convenient common areas and plenty of greenery. Among the common areas is an atrium with a large tree at its center.

Form follows function in the new Tuscany-inspired lunchroom, which is equipped — like all meeting areas — with flat paneled monitors.

Construction was completed in early 2009.