Feb 19, 2009

Cranes Software Announces the Release of NISA DesignStudio Version 16

Bangalore: Cranes Software International Limited announced the release of NISA DesignStudio Version 16 today - the latest in its range of engineering products for the civil & structural engineering community.

NISA DesignStudio was launched in 2006 to address the needs of individual and upcoming building engineers who found full-fledged commercial structural software's to be too exorbitantly priced. NISA DesignStudio is a cost-effective software solution for the analysis and design of multistoried buildings, apartment complexes and industrial enclosures made of RCC & steel. The product has excellent reporting and graphing features and automatically generates detailed AutoCAD® drawings. This release comes with many new features and marks a significant improvement over the previous version.

Commenting on this occasion, Abraham Keisoglou, Head-Cranes Engineering, Cranes Software International Limited said, "We are very happy to announce the release of NISA DesignStudio Version 16. NISA DesignStudio has gained much popularity and acceptance among Structural Engineers, since its launch in 2006. Based upon many user surveys, we have now included many critical enhancements in the product and hope that its acceptance will continue to increase. We are optimistic that these important developments will significantly increase the productivity of our customers."

About Cranes Software International Limited (BSE: 512093. NSE: Cranessoft-eq.)

Cranes Software International Limited, through its software products and productized solutions addresses the needs of scientists, engineers, researchers, and decision makers in multinational companies, governments, defence establishments, academia and research institutions in the aerospace, automotive engineering, banking and financial services, bioinformatics, biology, biotech, chemistry, physics, communications, consumer research and marketing, criminological sciences, cryptography, defence, electronics engineering, empirical analysis, engineering, environmental sciences, genetics, geo sciences, life sciences, material characteristics, material sciences, medical research, oil exploration, pathology, psychological research, quality control, remote sensing, signal processing and telecommunications space. While Cranes Software's core areas of operations are Enterprise Analytics, Engineering Design, Simulation and Testing, the company's business interests also include high-end training services and R & D in future technologies.

Cranes Software offers a range of proprietary products - SYSTAT, SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, SigmaScan, TableCurve 2D, TableCurve 3D, PeakFit, NISA, eta/VPG, eta/DYNAFORM, XID, XIP, Survey ASYST, iCap Reporter, iCap Webmaster, iCap Dashboarder, iCap Data Primer, InventX, Cubeware Cockpit, Cubeware Team Server, Cubeware Importer and world-renowned products from reputed principals such as Livermore Software Technology Corporation, The Mathworks, Texas Instruments, dSPACE, Mentor Graphics, IBM, Genomatix Software Inc. and Breault Research. The company also has alliances with Microsoft, BusinessObjects, BEA, Borland, Net Solutions, Anantara, Wipro and Craft Silicon. Cranes Software has a presence in 39 countries (through its direct offices, subsidiaries, channel partners, franchise relationships and other alliances) and has global user base of over 350,000 users.

Systat Software Asia Pacific Ltd., Systat Software Inc., USA, Systat Software GmbH., Germany, Cranes Software Inc., USA, Cranes Software UK Ltd.UK, Cranes Software International Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Analytix Systems Pvt. Ltd., Tilak Autotech Pvt. Ltd., Dunn Solutions Group Inc., Caravel Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., Proland Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Engineering Technology Associates Inc., USA, Engineering Technology Associates (Shanghai) Inc., China, Esqube Communication Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Cubeware GmbH, Germany, are subsidiaries of Cranes Software International limited. In Australia, Cranes operates through a franchise relationship with Hearne Scientific Software.

For further information please visit www.cranessoftware.com

About Cranes Engineering Group:

Cranes Engineering is a leading provider of FEA (finite element analysis) solutions, consulting, customization of products, and software development services for the automotive, aerospace, energy & power, oil & gas, electronic packaging, biomedical and civil engineering industries. The division specializes in linear & non-linear stress analysis, crash, NVH, durability, safety, thermal analysis, seismic analysis, CFD, electromagnetics, composite material analysis and civil-structure analysis & design.

Working with a variety of large product development organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, Cranes Engineering has extensive experience in solving complex engineering problems and has done so in over 250 challenging projects.