Dec 18, 2008

ZWSOFT Unveils ZWCAD 2009 Beta

Guangzhou, China: ZWSOFT today announced ZWCAD 2009 Beta, the next milestone in its line of DWG-compatible CAD products. As a productive drawing solution, ZWCAD 2009 Beta makes improvements in such functions as Hatch, Refedit, Insert, Pasteclip, Explode, Trim and Extend. Thus, the stability of ZWCAD 2009 Beta is greatly improved. In addition, its processing speed is also increased in overall performance.

Improvements Requested by Users

1) To provide more efficient collaboration and drawing management, ZWCAD 2009 adds Tool Palettes, eTransmit, Aerial View Window, Multiple Grips Editing, Filter, etc.

2) To improve compatibility with dimensions, ZWCAD 2009 adds Jogged Dimension and Arc Length Dimension.

3) To improve general drafting efficiency, ZWCAD 2009 improves association to the hatch, tracking to entity snaps, Refedit to the editing of external reference files, and unlimited undoes to the Undo/Redo mechanism.

Improvements made to the DRX application programming interface allow users to create custom objects that can be inserted, pasted from the Clipboard, stretched, extended, trimmed, and exploded.

New features in the beta of ZWCAD 2009 are the Tool palettes, eTransmit command, Aerial View Window, Editing with Multiple Grips, and dimensioning of Jogged Dimension and Arc Length Dimension.

Download ZWCAD 2009 Beta from http://www.zwcad.org/DownFeedback.asp?DownType=1&ID=16