Dec 11, 2008


Easily share CAD drawings throughout your enterprise.

Minneapolis : Fishbowl Solutions, Inc., a software, services and consulting company, delivering solutions for Oracle® Universal Content Management, released VaultPublish™, an automatic link between AutoDesk® Vault and Oracle UCM.

In an organization using CAD drawings there is an endless need for easy access, enterprise wide, to these drawings. To make these drawings available, organizations spend thousands of dollars printing and shipping drawings to those that need them, or engineers manually create Design Web Format (DWF) files and check them into Oracle UCM Content Server. Both options leave room for costly errors, such as building from the wrong drawing version because an out-of-date drawing was shipped, or Content Server is out of synch with the latest drawing version.

VaultPublish provides a solution to these problems by automatically publishing changes to Content Server and mapping metadata from AutoCAD drawings (like Titleblock, version, etc.) into Content Server metadata. This automatic publishing and mapping of metadata to Content Server guarantees the latest version of the drawing is available enterprise wide through a free DWF viewer such as Autodesk® Design Review. VaultPublish also allows the Content Server administrator to specify the number of days back VaultPublish should track updates to recover data in the event of a disaster.

VaultPublish’s current features include the ability to:

• Automatically push updates in AutoDesk Vault to Content Server

• Map Vault metadata to Content Server metadata

• Can be installed on Content Server, the Vault Server, or a separate server

• Synch only files of a specific type (i.e.--.idw, .dwg, .ipt, .iam)

• Ability to specify the number of days back to look for changes

• Ability to use Client File Name or internal Vault ID for Content Server ID

VaultPublish has an almost immediate return on investment compared with printing and shipping CAD drawings and significantly reduces the errors associated with manually checking the DWF’s into Content Server.

Contact Fishbowl Solutions at Oraclesales@fishbowlsolutions.com to learn more about VaultPublish.

Fishbowl Solutions (www.fishbowlsolutions.com), areas of expertise include: Oracle® Universal Content Management and PTC’s Product Development System. Fishbowl Solutions has an outstanding reputation of working with Oracle® (formerly Stellent) content management and exceeding customer expectations. Fishbowl Solutions provides a competitive advantage in the market due to its own suite of add-on software solutions.