Dec 19, 2008

Delcam to host second GTMA Emerging Technologies event

Delcam will host the second GTMA "Emerging Technologies” event at its Birmingham headquarters on 4th February, 2009. Like the previous event held in February this year, the meeting will include presentations on a range of new manufacturing technologies. These will include developments in rapid prototyping, technology roadmapping, surface treatment, sheet forming, 3D imaging, cutting tools for composites and mouldmaking.

The 2008 event attracted over 100 delegates and a similar number of attendees are expected next February. These included representatives from both SMEs and OEMs. Steve Hebdon, senior development manufacturing engineer, BAE Systems, commented after attending: "Points of contact gained have proved to be very valuable and have led us to follow up on a number of new technologies and possible future production methods.”

"In addition to the formal presentations, we will be encouraging networking among the delegates so that they can gain even more from their day,” said Scott Phillips from the GTMA. "A series of ‘Hot Desks’, where a variety of experts will be situated during the networking periods, will give the chance for companies to discuss their individual needs.”

"The day will give delegates an opportunity to learn more about the new and emerging technologies within manufacturing that could provide their companies with a competitive edge,” claimed Mr. Phillips. "Knowledge gained from the event should be useful to decision makers so that sound strategic decisions concerning new technologies can be made, while more junior staff can benefit by having the chance to tap into the knowledge of the experts that will be presenting.”

For further information and to register for the event, please contact Leisa Goldsmith at the GTMA on 01844 274222