Dec 4, 2008

Cranes - India LS-DYNA® User’s Conference 2009

Cranes Software International Limited (CSIL) to organize "Cranes - India LS-DYNA® User’s Conference 2009" in Bangalore

Bangalore : The conference is being organized by CSIL for the first time and is an effort to bring together the FEA community of India into a single forum to discuss CAE centric approach to product design which is fast becoming the mantra of most engineers involved in product design and development across the world.

At the LS-DYNA® Users' Conference - design engineer would be able to learn latest industry trends from your American counterparts and also from thought leaders in the Indian automobile and aerospace industry. It will also provide an opportunity to network with your peers and share your thoughts and views on CAE centric approach to product design.

At the same time it will be possible to see how CAE products like LS-DYNA®, eta/VPG and eta/DYNAFORM are changing how engineers look at design problems of tomorrow.

Luminaries from the world of Computer Aided Engineering will present their thoughts in this event.

Who should attend?

* Past & Present Users of LS-DYNA®, HyperMesh®, Pam-Stamp®, AutoForm®, Radioss®, eta/VPG & eta/Dynaform
* Engineers & Scientists involved in linear & non-linear FEA
* College Faculty involved in teaching of linear & non-linear FEA
* Graduate Students

For more information see : http://www.cranessoftware.com/company/events/ls-dyna-uc2009.html